Why Fairies and Pirates?

Because the book I’m pitching to agents now is about fairies, and the book I’m writing now is about pirates. Not fairy pirates, heh. The Moongate is about a girl who crosses a gate into a fairy world, and gets embroiled in their struggles against a demonic race that needs Fey magic in order to survive. I’d explain more, but honestly I’m sick to death of the book and need to distance myself from it before working on the sequel. Not that I don’t love the story, and I’m excited about continuing it, but I practically know it by heart now and I’m needing that distance in case there are still faults in it that I’m not seeing. Which there must be, because it’s not exactly like agents are falling over themselves to read beyond the first three chapters. Why? I don’t know, because all my test readers finished it within a week and demanded the sequel. But maybe they’re just being nice? *pouty face*

Anyway, the as-yet-untitled pirate book combines my current obsessions of pirates and steampunk, and I’m VERY excited about it. It’s about a girl, Katerina (Kate), who had lost her mother and received a life-altering curse from an accident with Cobalt, the mysterious power source that her father mined in the forest surrounding their village. A couple of years after the accident, Kate’s father disappeared in the forest, and soon afterward, her cruel aunt Gerta moved in from a distant town to raise Kate. The story begins several years later, when Kate, tired of Gerta’s abuse, sneaks aboard an airship to try to make her own life somewhere else. She makes a couple of friends along the way, and they get into all kinds of messes with airship pirates, forest monsters, and stuff. It deviates from the usual fantasy theme of an unlikely hero trying to save the day, and focuses on Kate and her friends just trying to get themselves out of the trouble they’ve found themselves in, and find their own place in the world.


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