Rewrite Hell!!

I’m getting close to finishing the 5th, and hopefully last, rewrite. This time I’ve cut about 1/4 of the book’s original length, which will probably help in getting the interest of an agent. The original revisions were still too long for a first novel. I’ve written four chapters of The Moongate’s sequel (Blood Moon), but have put off writing my steampunk dark fantasy until the submission wheels start grinding again. Oh, but it has a title now! Cobalt. Simple and direct, and I love it. I also got an idea for a sequel for that book, even though it was originally supposed to be a standalone.

Also have a new idea for this really dark fantasy inspired by the tree world Edanna in Myst III: Exile. (My Myst geekiness has been outed.) Anyway, the new idea takes it a bit beyond my original plans and makes it post-apocalyptic. I LOVE creepy p/a themes lately! (And so does my favorite agent. Gonna start bugging her soon.)

So the following is for Mommy Billie. She wanted to know what The Moongate is about. I usually start stuttering whenever anyone asks me that; from now on I’ll just direct them to this page. Hee hee.

When sixteen-year-old Nissa Moss stumbles upon an invisible gate to a land populated by the Fey, she becomes the recipient of an ancient power, fed by moonlight and hidden for centuries from a race of demonic creatures who feed off such magic to survive.

Becoming a winged Fey for a few hours at night is great fun at first, until her visits to the land of Aronaur start to take a toll on her human life. Her family suspects she’s hiding something, and her grades are plummeting. Meanwhile, a growing faction thinks that the Dark Fey will sense her presence through holes in the deteriorating, magical Wall protecting Aronaur, thus endangering them all. Others believe that only Nissa’s powers can repair the Wall.

Faced with losing her family forever if she stays in Aronaur past sunrise, or enslavement if the Dark Fey capture her, Nissa must choose between learning how to fix the Wall–or finding a way to break free of the magic’s hold so she can live a normal life in her own world.


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