Working query, I want to tear my hair out!

*facedesk* Stupid query letter. Stupid, stupid search for agents. Darn competitive market.

When Nissa Moss finds an invisible gate in the forest that allows her to visit the land of the Fey, she thinks it’s a great way to relieve the monotony of her human life. But the ancient Faeirth magic hidden inside her has awakened, which is exactly the kind of power the demonic Dark Fey feed on to survive. And they’re close to finding her.
Nissa only has a few weeks–until the next full moon–to learn to master her powers. The magical, Faeirth-built Wall protecting the land of Aronaur is eroding, threatening to reveal the Fey to their enemies. Nissa is the only Faeirth willing to help repair the Wall, but her fledgling magic is dangerous and unpredictable. The only person who can properly teach her is one who would rather see her killed than reveal Aronaur with her presence. What started out as a series of midnight forays to a fantasy world has become an addiction Nissa can’t break–but if she ever stays with the Fey past sunrise, she’ll lose her humanity, and her family, forever.

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