I’ve found my cover artist!

Since I don’t have the experience (yet?) of having anything published by a major house, which is what I’m aiming for, I don’t really know the odds of getting a cover artist of my choice; but if it were up to me, I’d hire Aimee Stewart in a heartbeat. I’ve long admired her posters for my favorite band, the amazing Abney Park.

I’m salivating at the thought of what Aimee could do for The Moongate and its sequels, and also Cobalt. I haven’t seen any other style of artwork that so closely fits the fantastical spirit of the stories when I imagine my characters and their world.

Best of all, I’ve written to Aimee a couple of times, and she has responded favorably. The fangirl in me gets all giggly when I think about the artist who did posters for Abney Park doing the artwork for my books; the daydreamer in me is inspired by Aimee’s work; and my inner child wants to stamp her foot in frustration and yell at all the agents out there: Just give me a chance. Read past the first three chapters, please. None of my beta readers could put The Moongate down.


2 thoughts on “I’ve found my cover artist!

  1. I'm ALL about the steampunk! In fact, the reason I'm not going to the ANWA retreat in Washington is because I already have tickets to an Abney Park concert in SF the same weekend. LOL Otherwise I would have been scrambling to register. There's always next year!


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