San Francisco

It’s 2:30 in the morning and I’ve finally finished the tenth chapter of my book! I should be in bed, but I always have a hard time winding down after writing. Seems my characters are just getting warmed up.

So how about some fun pictures of my trip to San Fran with the hubby? He usually goes to this conference every year, so hopefully I can join him from now on, for a writer’s retreat and mini-vacation.

My first picture would be one of the bathroom window. Except this isn’t the actual window; it’s the communal shower about a foot away, on the other side of a really creepy shaft between the two windows. I showered in fear of a zombie climbing up the shaft and knocking on my window.

And here’s the shaft, and here’s me dropping my camera in… 😉
What do you do when you’re eating something so good you want to cry? You take a picture of it first!
So I don’t forget, this was Tokyo Express. It was like fast food sushi, but very good!
This was only a block or so away from the very scary skid row neighborhood The Tenderloin. We had to walk through it to get to Japantown. I love San Francisco’s architecture!
What kind of vacation is it if I don’t mess with the hubby at least once?
Yay, cable cars!
Prisoners were always wanting to escape Alcatraz. I’ve been wanting to go back there since I was a kid. It’s an expensive tour though.
Proof that I actually did write on my writer’s retreat! (Actually, I was probably on Facebook.)
Of course, the one day I wore a corset, it had to be in the 90s! I was dying.
We hunted down the Mythbusters headquarters because we’re geeks like that.

So although I mostly goofed off that whole week, I did get some writing done. Not as much as I’d have liked, but my batteries were recharged and I got to spend a week without kids and responsibilities in one of my favorite cities!


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