How about a snippet?

They say (“they” being a few professionals in the literary field I’ve spoken to at conferences) that a lot of editors and agents won’t sign a novel if it’s previously been published–even if “published” means self-published or posted online. I’m not sure if posting little clips counts as something that would cause a publisher to cross themselves and back away from my manuscript…

But darn it–I tend to get more excited about a work-in-progress if I’m sharing a bit here and there and getting feedback. (Especially if feedback involves statements such as, “You can’t leave me hanging there, what happens next? I can’t wait to read this!”)

So who cares? I’m going to start posting little teasers every once in a while, for lack of a better idea of stuff to blog about. I can always remove them later, if posting turns out to be an issue. Besides, it’s not like “they” are looking here anyway.

Alrighty, then. Here’s a bit of Chapter 16:


The oak shuddered more violently, and a knot formed in my stomach as I realized what was happening: They had axes and were trying to cut it down.

“Burn it!” a gruff voice cried. “Fill the air with smoke until she falls out of the branches!”

I closed my eyes and swallowed. They just might set fire to all of Vangirron if I stayed hidden here.

Theryn was gone; so many Aronaurans had already been killed or caught; yet the Wall remained strong and secure, as long as the intruders within were eventually driven out or destroyed. They were desperate to get to me–word would spread of my hiding place, until more and more would join them, and Vangirron would be overrun. I had nowhere else to go.

It was time.


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