Chapter 17 excerpt

I read in a writing book that you shouldn’t share a first draft with anyone. You’re supposed to edit and polish your manuscript until you’re sure it’s pretty freaking amazing, before allowing your beta readers to pry it from your hands to tear it apart with their own opinions. I fully agree. It’s embarrassing when my friends catch a really obvious first-draft mistake that I could have easily caught during an edit.

Nevertheless, I’m going to post a very first-drafty snippet from Chapter 17, still hot from my brain. I figure, since it’s only a few short paragraphs of dialogue, it’s not going to make sense anyway.


“Show a little more care!” snapped the Lord, backhanding the Dark Fey across the face so hard he stumbled backward a few steps. “The future of our race is inside this bag.”

“Apologies, my Lord,” the demon whimpered, rubbing his cheek. He backed to the door, pausing as he took the handle. “When should I send in the healer?”

The Lord switched off the sun-box. “An hour before midday,” he answered, waving off the Dark Fey.

When the door had clicked shut, the Lord turned to me, pointed teeth gleaming in what he must have thought resembled a friendly smile. I returned it with a withering glare.

“I see you are not quite as excited by the prospect of spending a pleasant morning with me,” the Lord chuckled, sitting in his chair. He reached into the sack and pulled out a small book, which he dropped at his feet before rummaging around some more.

The sight of the book had caught my attention, and I forgot to glare. My jaw dropped open, and I goggled at the title on the spine. It was written in English–the book was from my world.

“The future of your race is a paperback romance?”


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