Crazy Crap My Kids Say: The Dorky Wisdom and Twisted Logic of the Przybyla Clan

Elijah ~ July 25, 2010 (age 5)
We went to the DMV to renew Lia’s permit. Elijah (the video game nerd) looked at her old permit as we were leaving, saw the little heart on the card that says she’s an organ donor, and said, “Lia, you only have one life!”
* * *
Anya ~ July 31, 2010 (age 4)
Apparently Anya talks in her sleep when she’s sick and you can have a conversation with her. I found this out when I let her sleep next to me.

Anya: What a fly.
Me: What?
Anya: It’s the name of that movie. I mean book. It goes, what-a-fly, what-a-fly, what-a-fly.

A few minutes later:
Anya: Doggie!
Me: What?
Anya: Nothing.

A few minutes later:
Anya: In this game, no talking. Just go to sleep.
Me: Okay.
Anya: Mommy, is this a knife?
Me: What’s a knife?
Anya: Me! I’m a knife.
Me: Um…
Anya: I got a lollipop.

* * *

Elijah ~ August 18, 2010 (his 6th birthday)

During a game of laser tag that we were playing while visiting my mom in Boise:

Employee: “Before we begin the game, does anyone have any questions?”
Total silence in the room, then Elijah yells, “Yeah, can someone help me get my gun?”
I notice his bulky harness is preventing him from reaching his gun on the floor and he’s flailing around trying to pick it up. Everyone cracks up.

During a later game:

Employee: “Does anyone have any questions?”
During the ensuing silence Elijah yells, “Yeah, why do they call it laser tag?”


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