The Facebook Hacking Wars

Lia and I know each other’s passwords on Facebook, but we don’t change them because that would spoil the fun. A couple of days ago, I logged on to see I’d changed into a muscular man wearing a loincloth, at least according to my profile picture:

My status update had also mysteriously changed to, “I’m such a pretty man.” (Incidentally, Lia and I have been hijacking each other’s profiles for years with pictures of Fabio. I’m not sure why the poor guy was chosen.)

So I decided her current profile picture needed a caption to describe the thoughts that were obviously going through her mind when the picture was taken:

I thought she might benefit from an additional lesson on the meaning of “herp durr derp,” and posted the following to her wall:

 When I logged on the next day, I found that I’d just received a makeover! I’ve always wanted a makeover.

Maybe she was still upset over the profile hacking I gave her about a year ago:

This war is by no means over. I’ve just remembered it’s my turn.


4 thoughts on “The Facebook Hacking Wars

  1. I'll say here (since she doesn't read my blog) that I don't mind the Fabio pics so much either! He's a little too buff for my taste, but has a handsome face. Plus I've heard he's a nice guy, so what's not to like? Tee hee


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