Now I’m Gonna Get All Geeky and Rant About Deathly Hallows :B

Okay, my lovelies, I’m back from vacation, and so over-exhausted I can’t sleep. We had a great time, and I’ll post about the highlights of our trip when the pictures are on the computer. It seems that even after a 10-hour drive (we stretched it out), my land legs haven’t come back yet; I’m afflicted with vertigo so severe it feels like I’m still on the ship during a storm, and it’s only getting worse. No wonder sailors stay out to sea for so long: Who can blame them if solid land rocks more than the boat does?

So while I’m waiting for my sleeping pill to kick in, I think I’ll just rant about something I had a total butt-fit (my new favorite word) over on the way home from L.A. We’d bought Deathly Hallows to watch on the drive home. Well, I was driving, so I just listened in. Once the movie was over, we watched the deleted scenes. Not me, of course! But I caught enough of the dialogue, and a couple of sneaked peeks, to know enough of what was going on. I watched the scenes properly upon getting home.

What had me so upset was the fact that the following scene wasn’t included in the final cut. If you haven’t seen Deathly Hallows yet (Why not? What’s wrong with you?) or if you haven’t seen the deleted scenes and don’t want anything spoiled, then read no further. Go watch those scenes, then come back and give me your opinion.

I LOVE this scene. In just one line, Dudley shows tremendous and inspiring character development. He finally redeems himself. He’s just such an awful little pig throughout the entire series, but as a reader who loves seeing a character’s personality grow and change, and who had pretty much given up on the Dursleys, this would have been a major squee moment to see in the theater.

Throughout the entire book series I was waiting for one of the Dursleys to show even the tiniest shred of decency. Harry did save Dudley’s life in Order of the Phoenix, after all, but after the unsurprising yet still totally unfair way that they treated him afterward, I didn’t expect much more out of the bastards for the final two books. So I was quite delighted when Dudley finally stood up for Harry in his final scene in book 7, but disappointed and sad when they only showed the Dursleys in a brief couple of shots during the movie’s opening scenes. It seemed like such a flimsy send-off to end their parts in the movie franchise without even a couple of lines.

There’s another deleted scene here involving Aunt Petunia, which explains why the Dursleys had to move, and which I think was also essential to keep in the movie.

Okay, rant over. Now I just have to say this: Could Bellatrix have been more perfectly cast? Helena Bonham Carter is Bellatrix Lestrange. She almost loves the role a little too much, with the energy and insane glee she puts into it! I can’t wait for the final scene between her and Molly Weasley…y’all know what I mean. It’s going to be totally awesome!


5 thoughts on “Now I’m Gonna Get All Geeky and Rant About Deathly Hallows :B

  1. Just one of the many, many, many reasons that folks need to read the books. There is so much that you miss out on. Condensing it to the MOST important gets rid of all the little things, and then they have to fight to catch up with it. I really feel that the movie series is more of a supplement to the books than a replacement. XD Watch PoA and tell me you can follow all of that and have it make sense without the background info you know from the novel, lol!


  2. You're so right, my oldest and I were talking about the same thing last night. One of my favorites is PoA because of how beautifully it was done, but it makes very little sense if you don't already have a knowledge of the story from the books.


  3. Amen sista!!!! Those were AWESOME scenes. We thought the same thing two about character development and closure. The kids were like, “All right Dudley!!!” And ditto on the Aunt Petunia scene. The one they wished they cut was one in the forest when a certain artifact was messing with Ron's mind and portrayed a little provocative situation. What the heck was that??????? They compromised the story for intrigue and action, which is so sad. Go books!!!!!


  4. As well you all should be! 😉 Oh and Carrie, I know! The kids thought that scene was slightly awkward as well. I don't remember it being portrayed so provocatively in the book. I'm re-reading the series, and have only read the last two books once so far. I doubt I'll have finished reading them by the time the last movie is out.


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