Brohaim! We Did Not Ride the Jet Skis in Cabo.

or, Why I’m Taking Control of the Camera on Our Next Vacation
(because Dennis took too many pics of the scenery and not enough of the rest of us)

It’s okay though! I think I’m posting plenty of pictures here anyway. So without further ado, our vacation pictures (I know they’re small, so I’ve posted bigger versions of the same pictures on Facebook)…

We went on a cruise to Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta with Dennis’ parents, my brother-in-law Craig, his wife Laura and their three kids, and my other brother-in-law Roger.
 Emily thinks this skeleton statue in Cabo is being immodest! I love the following pictures.


This was totally unintentional! I had no idea I was wearing a top hat or smoking a pipe, but Lia seems offended enough to slap me…

 Looks like Eva’s pointing out what I’ve been smoking, while Lia puts her soda bottle up her nose.
And Eva. Haha!
Anya getting cheeky.

There were tour boats just to the right of the kids, and the people disembarking were walking past Anya and laughing their heads off!
Emily was really the only person excited about getting a picture taken with the baby tiger, her favorite animal. Actually, it was the only hot day that week, and it was miserable inside that little hut. I was outside watching the waiters at Senor Frog’s dance with the customers, which was much more entertaining!


This was the beach I would have liked to go to. Except we were in a glass-bottomed boat, and just below us was a school of barracuda! Hundreds of them, right near the swimmers. I wonder if they knew…


Give you one guess which ship I wanted to be on…
The jellyfish the kids found on the beach. A few kids had been stung the day before.
Brian: “What the heck is this?!” Anya: “I don’t even KNOW!” (They’d found a sand crab a few minutes after this picture was taken.)
This was awesome: Right here were hundreds of crabs of all sizes, especially babies (I caught a few), a couple of sea urchins, these little weird squishy creatures attached to the rocks, barnacles, and tube worms. Maybe Dennis could have come a little closer to get better pictures!
Bad Karma: Laughing at someone else on this ship who got sunburned will result in receiving the ship’s worst sunburn the next day. I was only out in the sun for an hour! There were people laughing at me in the elevators later on. 😦
One last look at Cabo.




The ship’s magician, who was actually pretty freaking amazing. (And Emily thought he was cute!)
Thursday, on our way back up Baja California. For some reason this was the day everyone went nuts. ALL the kids on the ship were just going completely insane! Lia and Emily were racing each other all over the decks. It was also very windy outside, and I’m afraid I flashed a few poor people before I realized it wasn’t safe to be out on the deck in a skirt.
These are not my kids. I had to yoink this from the internet because we didn’t get any pics of the awesome kids’ pool. We didn’t have the water cannon though.

* * *

Other memorable moments and favorite quotes:

Lia and Emily jumping on the hotel beds when we just got into L.A., crashing into each other (after bickering during much of the 8-hour drive)

Poking my head into the passageway to say hi to Craig and Roger, then falling out of the cabin when the ship listed and hitting the opposite wall, while the door slammed and locked behind me. Classy.

Spending a great deal of time in the ship’s library while other passengers hung out on the decks or in the pool! (But at least I got some writing done.)

The ship’s hypnotist, making a guy think a lady in the audience had stolen his butt. “Give me back my butt!” ROFL

The night when the kids club workers painted all the kids’ faces to look like pirates, and paraded them around the ship singing a pirate song.

“Nooo, I left my eyelashes at home in the little teapot!”

“Lia, STOP spanking the jellyfish!” And later: “Put that down, Lia, it’s a baby jellyfish!”

“There are snails on the menu tonight. Remember, if you don’t want to eat snails, order the escargot. Don’t forget, it’s ES-CAR-GO, or else they’ll bring you snails for your appetizer!” (The snails were excellent, by the way)

At the beginning of the cruise, we participated in a mandatory drill where they blasted an emergency klaxon which instilled fear and doubt into Emily’s heart. Wednesday morning while we were docked at Puerto Vallarta and most of the passengers had left the ship, the crew conducted a fire drill and announced over the loudspeaker for the remaining passengers to ignore the sounds. Emily wouldn’t get up, so the rest of us had left for the breakfast buffet. As fate would have it, she was in the shower when the emergency horn went off, and hadn’t heard the announcements! She found us in the buffet a few minutes later, soaking wet and a little shaken, but luckily not panicked, since she figured out it was a drill after she left the cabin.


5 thoughts on “Brohaim! We Did Not Ride the Jet Skis in Cabo.

  1. Hahahahahahaha. What a fantastic vacation! Now I want a cruise. Actually I was going to go on one last year before my Mom passed away. Yeah…kind of took the fun out of wanting to go. 🙂

    So, my being here is two fold. 🙂 I just tagged you on my blog! Come find out what you get to do. 🙂 Love ya!!!


  2. Ah ship life! We rode a freighter home from Europe once. About a day out of port there was a storm and the dinner plates were slamming up and down the table. I told my dad, “Dad, I'm gonna barf!”
    So he grabbed me in a football hold and raced me out to the deck. He held me out over the great leaden ocean and…I MISSED. I barfed down the whole side of the ship. He couldn't figure out how the heck I missed the ocean. I personally felt it was raw talent.


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