What Makes a Good Mother’s Day Present?

Hint: If your mom (or wife) is a hopeless band fangirl, get her concert tickets to see her favorite band! Yes, that’s where we went Saturday night. I found out only three days before the show that we were able to go. There was much screaming in my house that night. Because of Dennis’ lower pay, I’d resigned myself to the sad fact that I wasn’t going to get to see Abney Park for a third time. Luckily the show coincided in a very timely manner with our tax return!

And for the record: happiness is when your favorite band knows you by name. 😀 (Except the kids probably drive them crazy.) Brian Gardner and the staff at Swing Goth also went above and beyond what you’d expect of event promoters to keep in touch and make sure we were coming. In fact, I don’t think Brian will let us miss any future Abney Park shows!


Eva always makes friends at these things.


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