Funny Junk!

Let’s take a break from writing. My daughter Lia had a film class in her senior year. They had to pick a movie for the semester and make short films based on it. Lia’s chosen movie was Disney’s Hercules. Her movies ended up being too hysterical not to share!

The first was a mashup of Hercules and Pirates of the Caribbean. I thought it was amazing how she almost perfectly synched the voices and sound effects.

Her second movie was done in the style of the Kid History videos–also hilarious, check them out!

The next movie is one of the funniest. There’s really no explanation for the madness, just watch:

The last video (there was actually another one, a stop-action with clay, but she didn’t like how it turned out so she never uploaded it) is a silent Western (she knowingly took some liberties with sound effects), and incorporated clips from the previous films as a class requirement. Yours truly is in it! Don’t miss the bloopers at the end. Yes, those are my everyday clothes. Yes, that’s my real butt running down those hills, and it was scary. (My butt was also nominated for Best Actress. No joke.)
Please comment, because I have no life and I love your comments, and tell me which was your favorite!


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