Whee! Look at My Characters! (and a plug for an artist friend)

Okay…I used to be a rather good artist, but then some kids came along and started hogging all my time, and I decided I’d better pick just one hobby until they all grew up and got out of my house. So, since I’m slightly better at writing than I am at drawing–also since I couldn’t paint flesh tones to save my life and then digital art came along and when I saw all the awesome digital stuff done on Deviantart and realized I had no hope of competing with the younger, art tablet-savvy artists there–I decided writing was definitely more up my alley.

I’m sure many writers like to see their characters on paper or a computer screen, rather than always in their own heads. I know I do! Plus I’d just finished Blood Moon and felt I deserved a little something other than rejection letters to reward my hard work. My friend Dana Hill, Albinoshadow on Deviantart, who has done some amazing drawings of the members of Abney Park, does commissions at very good prices, and needed some help after a big move to another state (where she gets to hang out with Abney Park sometimes, grrr jealous Kristin is jealous). So I threw some money at her and told her to get to it. ;B Dana is really good at anime-style art and whipped up an awesome colored drawing for me super fast.

I freaked out when I saw it! Nissa’s wings are just super cool, very fun Fey ears, perfect facial expressions, and the eyes…LOVE LOVE LOVE. If anyone else wants to help Dana get on her feet in her new home, click HERE to see her work and her rates.


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