An Agent Pitch Contest I’m Entering–Wish Me Luck!

Here’s an update of where I am now in my querying quest: 18 queries awaiting an agent’s answer; 42 rejections in total (3 of those were in the last couple of days). But who’s really counting, right? I set aside two nights a week to fire off query letters and research agents. The rest of the time I sit on the couch, cradling my laptop, chewing my fingernails to the quick, and obsessively checking my email every few minutes. No, not really! That was me two years ago. I only check my writing inbox two or three times a day now. ;D
So to break up the monotony a bit, I’m entering my second-ever contest! (The first was for Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel award, and a massive fail). My awesome friend Jolene sent this through ANWA’s group. The agent, Victoria Marini, sounds like someone I’d like to have represent me. With my pervasive test anxiety and inferiority complex, I used to shy away from contests but now I figure I don’t have anything to lose. I think I have a pretty decent pitch, Jolene critiqued my query letter and told me it’s stellar (Jolene’s the query letter queen), and I have the completed and polished manuscript ready for any agent willing to have a look.
Here’s the link to the pitch contest. I don’t have long to wait: The winners are announced August 1st. Now to sit back, not chew my fingernails, take a deep breath, and keep on doing what I love best: listen to music and write!

7 thoughts on “An Agent Pitch Contest I’m Entering–Wish Me Luck!

  1. SO not the query letter queen, but thanks πŸ˜€

    I entered SO many contests. It's really hard to stand out, and they're nerve-wracking, BUT people get signed through them ALL THE TIME!

    Best of luck to ya!

    And if you EVER find way to not obsess when your stuff is out there, let me know. Because it has only gotten VERY slightly easier over time.


  2. There's only one way I've found to stop obsessing, and it's not 100% foolproof: I just keep reminding myself to put it in God's hands and whatever is meant to be will happen in his time. In the meantime, I just have to keep developing my talents!


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