A question about Blogger’s comments…

Just a quick question. Some of my friends aren’t able to comment on my posts. I have it set so all registered users can post (these friends are members of Blogger), and until tonight, I had a word verification set up. I’ve removed this precaution, even though I hate spam, because I was thinking this might be part of the problem. Has anyone else had this problem with Blogger’s commenting? Do you know how to fix it?


5 thoughts on “A question about Blogger’s comments…

  1. I used to have issues on other blogs, but not on yours. It was the ones that weren't a pop up window and had passwords. It drove me nuts. I can change them now and they didn't change anything. I wasn't sure why it did it and still don't know. Keep it like this for a while and then you can try re-adding your password and hopefully it won't give you any problems. Wish I had some answers. Technology can be a pain sometimes.


  2. Blogger can be strange sometimes, eh? I haven't really had much of a spam problem and I have it open so anyone with [account] can comment if they wish. I wish I knew what was up on your end. Browse your settings. Maybe there's something there you need to change. Best of luck!


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