No More Suspicions. Yes, I Really Am Crazy!

Alrighty then. So this awful picture of me just won’t stop popping up around the internet. My kids love to re-post it in places like Facebook, or hack into my account and make it my profile picture, so I finally gave up trying to hide it. It will haunt me forever!

Now as I’d mentioned in my previous post, I tend to get depressed a lot, but because antidepressants have all kinds of awful side effects that I’d rather not experience again, I manage it by listening to upbeat music, dressing like a pirate, and generally trying to have a lot of crazy fun and laugh as much as I can. This picture was taken years ago, and if I’m remembering correctly I’d just had a baby, which always resulted in some pretty bad post-partum depression. This is where the crazy fun stuff comes in. I put on heavy clown makeup (the picture didn’t even do it justice, I mean it was really heavy) and messed with my hair. Just about then, the doorbell rang. I looked through the peekhole and found it was our neighbor, wanting to play with Lia. So I threw open the door and yelled, “HELLO!” Scared the living heck out of the poor girl!

So let this be a lesson: You never know what’s going to happen when you knock on my door.

I got a couple more awards from my friends Donna and Samantha! Thank you, ladies! I’ll pass the awards on soon, after playing blog catch-up. I’m supposed to share 7 facts about myself. This part is always fun!

My 7 facts:

1. My favorite items of clothing are my most worn-out, holey skirts that I layer with other skirts and bustle and dress up with crazy tights and pirate jewelry. What surprises me most is the amount of people who stop me to tell me they love what I’m wearing!

2. I collect unicorns and fairy figurines, vintage jewelry, feather hairpieces, crazy tights, and corsets.

3. My least favorite chores are putting away the clean dishes and folding the laundry. But I love to sort. I’ll happily sort all the laundry into piles and baskets, but I’ll do anything to avoid folding them.

4. In 1st grade I wanted to be a zookeeper.

5. I’ve never seen a scary movie in the theater.

6. I want raw salmon nigiri and quail egg shooters. Like, all the time.

7. I break my toes a lot and I’m still walking around on an unhealed broken foot.

Well, that’s it for now! Oh, except for one more thing: REVENGE PICTURES! If those girls are going to post my embarrassing pictures for the world to see, I simply must return the favor. Don’t you agree?

She totally does look like her.

Beginning of summer, she was bored enough to color her eyebrows red! It didn’t wash off for days either.

Emily’s famous troll face!


8 thoughts on “No More Suspicions. Yes, I Really Am Crazy!

  1. Hello from a new follower! This seems like a fun place to be.

    Just wanted to say, I can totally empathize with your struggle with depression. I deal with a delightful combination of depression and anxiety myself. It can be hard to break through but fortunately for me the anxiety meds do help.

    Also, fairies and pirates, yes. But maybe, Fairy Pirates?


  2. LOL! Oh man, I am seriously laughing my head off! This is all great. So funny about you scaring the neighbor kid… loving the revenge pictures of the children… and I'm loving the 7 funny facts about you. I don't even know what raw salmon nigiri and quail egg shooters are and I don't think I want to. hahaha.
    Love this post! You are so much fun!


  3. Love the pictures! I've only seen one scary movie in the theatre–and I only went because I thought it was a historical drama. When the first deamon popped out on screen I almost peed my pants.


  4. You are my kind of Mom, though I'm down to one still at home. It sounds like we write similar stuff. We have a few other things in common, including toe breaking. Not that I'm clumsy, mind you. More like my toes are terminally (get it?) attracted to hard objects. I no longer go barefoot to protect the innocent piggies. As for dressups, a few of our getups are posted on my facebook author page, Sher A Hart, and my Queen Borg outfit that won me an autographed original Star Trek cast poster is on my blog, I take book walks when I feel down. All the neighbors are amazed that I can walk and read at the same time. So am I, considering I can't talk and chew gum:)


  5. šŸ˜€ You guys are so nice!

    Sarah – My sister has had success with anti-anxiety meds too. I'll talk to my doctor about them when we have better insurance, right now it hardly covers anything! Fairy pirates – yes, I have thought of that! It would be super fun if I could come up with a workable plot. šŸ™‚

    Abby – Girl, you are missing out! It's pretty basic sushi, actually. I've only recently been brave enough to try the quail egg shooters and they're addictive! I'm totally kidnapping you someday and making you try some!

    Kaylee – I would have peed my pants too!

    Sher – I can't walk and read at the same time. Have you seen that video of the lady texting and falling into the mall fountain? That would totally be me with a book!


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