Music for Writing: Doctor Who

Murray Gold’s a freaking genius. In honor of new Doctor Who episodes finally airing, here are a few of my favorites from the soundtrack that sound real nice playing in the background while I’m writing action or developing setting.

Also, I promised Abby I’d put up some eye candy on my blog. Killing two birds with one stone! Muhahaha.

A great one for epic worldbuilding:
My all-time favorite:

11 thoughts on “Music for Writing: Doctor Who

  1. Donna – nah, what gave that away? 😉

    Abby – Me=so not awesome! Total dork, though. LOL

    Jesi – nice to meet you too! You can find all the seasons of Doctor Who except the current one on Netflix, they even let you watch the episodes instantly. I've only watched it from the beginning of the current series, starting with Christopher Eccleston, because I totally don't have time to go back decades to when it really began!


  2. Kristin, I need to catch up on Dr. Who, too. Thanks for the tip on Netflix. Gotta check it out before my membership ends this month…couldn't handle their greed.

    My favorite music to write by is Blackmore's Night, and I'm checking out my fellow fantasy campaigners. Looking forward to following your blog.


  3. Hi Kristin! We're also campaigners in the Fantasy Group!

    Hey, thanks for your kind comment about my daughter's artwork on my blog! – that means so much to me and to her! And thanks for voting for her! And you're right! – I love, love, love that she can draw my characters for me! She drew the two main characters in my YA Fantasy I'm writing right now and I was ecstatic!


  4. Barbara – I've noticed they keep raising their prices, which is a bummer. We don't even have the DVD plan anymore, just the watch instantly plan, and we're paying about as much as we used to pay for the 3 DVD plan. Ugh. I'll have to check out Blackmore's Night, and I've followed your blog too!

    Brenda – She is SO talented! I wonder if I could commission her sometime? Her style is exactly the kind of drawing style I love.


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