Monday Funny: Picture Battles!

I wonder why I can’t find a job?

Happy labor day, everyone! Let’s celebrate by not doing any work and just having a Monday Funny instead.

So my daughter Lia (pictured left) and I do this thing we call picture battles on Facebook, in which we find captioned pictures or fan art of stuff we love (or just love to make fun of) and post them on each other’s walls, trying to out-funny the other. I’ve saved my favorites (i.e., the ones that had me rolling around on the floor with tears in my eyes) in a photo album on Facebook. I won’t post them all in one go, so there will be enough for several Monday Funnies!

I guess with Blogger you click on the pictures (or right click to open in a new tab or window) if you need to see a bigger version, which you will with a couple of these.

This one I made myself, and was rather proud of.

Funny Harry Potter pictures are favorites of ours! We have tons of ’em.

If the next one doesn’t make sense, do a search for Antoine Dodson. 😀

Hey! Hermione is like the fairy Navi from Legend of Zelda! Get it? Get it?

I apologize for the following:

Pirates of the Caribbean: another favorite. This particular artist is hilarious.

I hope you guys have enjoyed these pictures as much as I enjoyed going back through my photo album and having a laugh all over again! Like I said, I have plenty more. Should I post more than 10 next time, or are 10 pics enough for a good Monday laugh?

Wednesday I’ll post something related to writing. I think I have a topic picked out. And I’ll leave y’all with a funny video of my son Elijah from about 3 years ago.


8 thoughts on “Monday Funny: Picture Battles!

  1. I love the backing up lady! She reminds me of some customers I used to have at Denny's. LOL The song is super catchy too.

    I'm doing another revision on Moongate, tightening up some slow parts and reducing the word count again, before yet another agent search. They're picky creatures! 😉


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