Music That’s NOT For Writing: Or, How to Mess With Pedestrians

Oh, I have such fun with this. I drive an 8-year-old minivan that has its share of dings and scratches and squeaky brakes. It’s definitely not a cool ride. It has a Depeche Mode window decal on the back window that undoubtedly gets chuckles from some, and waves and open-window shout-outs from other cool people. But aside from being a total mom car (and there’s nothing wrong with that), it has killer speakers. Not the kind that pump out so much bass it bends the windows of every house in the neighborhood for several blocks, but the kind you can blast loud enough to get some attention if you’re driving with the windows down. (Well, I have to when it’s hot. My A/C is broken!)

I don’t do this often; I do, after all, have my hearing to look after, and I must be doing a pretty good job since I can still hear those mosquito tones that supposedly only teenagers can hear. (It hurts!) But sometimes when I’m driving through the shopping center parking lot across the street from the high school during lunch or after school, I can’t resist playing one of the following songs, because their confused expressions as I’m cruising past are so amusing. I guess it must look odd seeing a mom in a minivan listening to something crazy. (By the way, this little joke didn’t work when Lia was in school and I’d drop her off or pick her up, because they knew me. “Oh, that’s just Lia’s mom.”)

This one is fun because it’s super obnoxious. Dubstep is crazy! How do you even dance to it? We’ve had some awesome moments in the kitchen trying out interpretive moves that might match the beat. Until someone almost lost an eye.

Flogging Molly, 7 Deadly Sins. Fun pirate song! Obviously I chose the video that was set to POTC – because pirates!

By the way, I’ve considered sticking a jolly roger flag on my car, but I suspect that would be overkill. Abney Park is selling some awesome window decals, though, that I simply must obtain when I have the funds. Bonus fun: playing pirate music when I’m pulling into a parking space, then getting out in my pirate clothes. This is how mama gets her kicks.
This one just rocks. Extra fun at the end when it gets all screamo. I named a character after one of their band members. Then I killed him. >:D

Haha, it’s not all scary screamy music. My mom has the following two Stolen Babies songs on her iPod:

And of course I can’t forget my favorite Abney Park song! Building Steam is especially awesome really, really loud.

Okay, so I’m aware that some of these songs, or even just the act of listening to loud music with the windows down, automatically makes me 20% less cool to teenagers, which might not be the best thing when you write for that age group. But I’ve discovered that the coolest teenagers are the ones who embrace their own inner dorks, and who aren’t embarrassed by the wacky antics of a total goober mom. (I love Lia, Emily, and their friends!)

Next week I’ll have some more music for writing to share, from an unexpected source.


10 thoughts on “Music That’s NOT For Writing: Or, How to Mess With Pedestrians

  1. OK, my A/C is broken too. I ride with the windows down, but my kids are small so they don't care that I'm blasting whatever tickles my fancy at the time.

    Um, interpretative dancing! It is a pretty regular thing in my house too. Although, we've never done it to dubstep. We'll have to try that one.


  2. It's so cool to see other people's musical tastes (I LOVE theSeven Deadly Sins track by the way). I often make people double take because I look like the average 40-something: glasses, 'normal' clothes, sensible shoes…boring really. Then, out of my stereo, comes anything from Clutch to Pink, to Cee-Lo Green to Metallica. You never know what you're going to get 🙂


  3. You like Abney Park?! *squeals with delight* I've been listening to them since before they knew what steampunk was, before most of us knew. And I still get this excited thrill when someone I don't know mentions them.

    Building Steam is excellent. My favorite will always be The Wrong Side, though for more recent music Letter from a Little Boy to Himself as an Adult is very inspiring to me.


  4. Yeah, I freakin' love Abney Park! Saw them in concert 3 times so far, and each time was wonderful. My favorite also used to be The Wrong Side, and Letters is my favorite slow song. I have pictures of 2 of the shows we've attended in my blog tags under “concerts.”

    I just subscribed to your blog. Still trying to figure out how to use Google Reader and Feedly so I can manage all the non-Blogger blogs. 😉


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