Blogging Madness! (A Little Help?)

Almost forgot to blog today! Wednesday is kind of my unofficial day to blog about writing, blogfests, or books in general, and I’m having a hard time staying consistent. So I think today is as good a day as any to make a post on something I’ve been struggling with lately.

Thanks to blogfests, campaigns, awards, and finding new blogging friends, I’ve had a lot of new followers in the past few weeks. Yay, excited me! I actually get comments now! Hee. And I try to follow back whenever I can (more on the few reasons I can’t in a minute). I’ve lost count of how many great blogs I’m following now, and some of you guys are very active bloggers! That’s great, I’ve learned so much from you all. Right now I have 6 windows open with some friends’ blog posts for me to read and comment on, which leads me to my small conundrum: how to keep up with the blogs I’m following, spread the comment love on as many posts as possible, network the crap out of myself and my friends, tackle my TBR pile, write my own blog posts, and still have time to write actual books? Oh, and maybe be a mom somewhere in all that too. Some of you guys, myself included, participate in more than one blog. How do we balance all of it without staying up until 2 or 3 in the morning to catch up on all the reading?

Now on to the subject of following blogs: I try and follow everyone who’s following me. I’m nice that way. πŸ˜‰ Sometimes a follower doesn’t seem to have a blog of their own, but I’ll look. If you don’t, well, not much I can do about that. Sometimes there’s a great blog that I haven’t figured out how to follow because I’m dumb and I can’t find a follow button anywhere. Or there’s only a “follow by email” button and I’ll admit the fault is mine here, I’m a creature of habit and I really like catching up on blogs through Blogger’s dashboard page. Or you might use a different blogging platform, like WordPress or your own website, and that’s when I really start to panic. I have followed a couple of WordPress blogs, but I get notifications in my email and I just don’t like filling up my inbox too much if I can help it. Plus WordPress has this weird thing that makes you fill out a form to subscribe to everything from comments to following each individual blog post, and that can get to be a pain. So I guess my question here is whether I’m doing this the hard way. I’ve heard about something called Google Read? Or Google Write? I have no idea what it is, but some people have mentioned that’s how they keep up with all the blogs they follow. Help! I’m such a noob, I’m sure there’s an easier way to do this that I just haven’t figured out yet.

Robin: “Holy long paragraphs, Batman!”
Β Batman: “Forget the paragraphs, what happened to our pants?”

Oh! I have a personal update: Yesterday the hubby got an email from a company in Texas that he’d sent his resume to, asking if he was still interested in the position. I assume interviews will follow. We have mixed emotions about this. I’d miss the Sierra Nevadas and snow. The kids will have a hard time being uprooted. I’ll have a hard time being uprooted. We’re going to have a heck of a time getting this ratty old house fixed up and cleaned out for selling. He may end up moving out there on his own until the end of the school year, meaning all the packing and cleaning will be up to me (except I’ll have a blast getting rid of all the crap we’ve accumulated over the years). But on the positive side: MONEY! Oh, I mean a better paycheck and security. Hopefully decent health insurance. A nice house! And the idea of going to a whole new place is kind of exciting. (Not looking forward to the summers there, though.) I’d been hoping for Idaho or Utah, but I guess you gotta go where the jobs are. Please keep your fingers crossed and the prayers going out!

Speaking of new blogging friends, one of my new friends Cheryl just gave me the Versatile Blogger award! I love her blog name, Off Wi’ the Fairies, and her fun little fairy avatar. I’ve been a faithful reader of her blog since I started following her a few weeks ago. Thanks, Cheryl! I’m supposed to share 10 random facts about myself, but I think I’ll do that in my music post on Friday, since this one is long enough now. And I have to think of 10 facts I haven’t shared yet.


13 thoughts on “Blogging Madness! (A Little Help?)

  1. I totally feel your pain. I want to make sure I follow everyone's blogs, but there is so much. If you go to Rach Write's she has a little help guide on opening your blogs in Google Reader. I started doing it. You can organize your blogs in different groups. I have Authors, Helpful Blogs, Followers, etc. So I can click on the group and read all of them. I do still use the dashboard too.

    Keeping the prayers going for your hubby. Moving to a new place can be hard, I'm not actually from Portland, but it can be fun too. My sister lives in Texas, and she really likes it.


  2. Hello! My blog is WordPress Org so I'm not sure if you'd be able to follow it – I admit to also being overwhelmed, but Google Reader helped me a lot. (Just Google it! πŸ˜‰ ) BUT even better than Google Reader is Feedly, which I currently used to read your blog post – it's like a fancier Google Reader, much easier on the eyes, shows things in an almost magazine format.

    Unfortunately, Feedly doesn't work well on Safari. It works very well on Firefox, which I think is the browser it was designed for. Firefox is fairly easy to download. Right now I'm using Firefox to use my Feedly and Safari for everything else, 'cause in all honesty I vastly prefer Safari.

    So, basically, my recommendation in a nutshell: Download Firefox if you don't already. Install Feedly. Add the url links of the blogs you want to follow, although your Blogger links SHOULD transfer automatically. This process might take a while if there are a lot of blogs you want to follow that aren't Blogger, but TRUST ME, it will make your life much easier from now on.


  3. I currently use Google Reader to keep everything organized, though I may have to go look at this Feedly thing *eyes Annalise*.

    I'll be praying for your husband's job situation! My husband just got a new job, and while it doesn't require relocation, it does require a whole lot of rearranging! I can't imagine how complicated it would be if there were kids involved . . .


  4. I use feedly as well. The thing I love about it is that it works for most websites, not just blogs, so I use it to let me knows about updates on news and sport too.

    I Have google chrome and it works geat on there.


  5. I too use Google Reader, which allows you to subscribe to non-Blogger blogs as well. I put blogs into different folders by category and also sort certain categories by priority so I don't miss posts from my favorite blogs.


  6. I had to get all the WordPress ones by email until I signed up for a WordPress account. The email helps me though because I often forget to open google reader, whereas as soon as I get the email I go look.

    You're welcome, also, I really enjoy reading your blog. You're a fun lady πŸ™‚


  7. Congrats on the award. And good luck on the job thing. That's a tough one. I did that when we moved where I live now. Hubby had to go ahead to the job, and I stayed behind with the kids (and my job) and got the house ready to sell. That was tough.


  8. LOL. You always crack me up. You are one of the few people who can do long paragraphs because you're so much fun! You're fun to read! *pat on the back for Kristin!*

    Yay about the job. Sad about having to move. You may be surprised at was Tex-ass has in store for you though. Personally, I would love moving where there is no snow!

    I wish I knew how to keep up on all the blogs. I think some of the wordpress ones have “follow” things that they can add, but wordpress is tricky. That's why I like blogger. I don't like signing up with email either, but that's something they need to realize when making their blog. It happens.

    Happy Thursday!


  9. It's funny that you should mention this becasue I am doing a whole post on Monday about how I keep with other blogs. I use Google reader and a handy little trick I'll talk about on Monday. Anyway good luck with your husbands job. I'm sure it will all work out for the best!


  10. Ooh, I'll check out both Google Reader and Feedly. I use Firefox for almost everything, so Feedly may just be the ticket.

    Annalise – I think yours is the WordPress blog I'm following by email, but then when I wanted to follow a bunch of others, I was like, no I can't do this with all of them, too many emails. LOL

    J – Oh good, I love your blog posts and look forward to seeing what you have to say on this subject.

    Thanks for the well wishes on the job situation! I'll have another small update on my next post tomorrow. Nothing too exciting yet, just some more bites that unfortunately do have me getting my hopes up. :B


  11. Oh and Abby – long paragraphs are a pet peeve of mine! I was proofreading this post and saw how long the they were, but I was too lazy to break them up. So of course Robin had to say something about them, because they're a pet peeve of his, too. Hee


  12. Good luck with the interview! It can be a scary/exciting time…and hopefully your husband doesn't have to be solo for long. Been there, done that, not fun. 😦

    Agree with all the fantastic blogs out there. And I'm having the same time management issue. I love meeting everyone but *sigh* I'll never get any writing done if I turn into a social media butterfly.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day!


  13. Kristin –

    WOW. A LOT going on for you guys!!!!

    I'm excited about the job possibility πŸ˜€ Way cool, and EVERY time we've ended up somewhere we didn't want to be, we were glad once we got there and saw WHY we were there.

    Best of luck with everything.


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