Music For Writing: MLP:FiM

I abbreviated that, otherwise y’all would probably say, “I cannot abide how this lady has clearly lost her mind, therefore I wash my hands of this weirdness,” then un-follow me and close my post without reading it. The few people who do understand what the abbreviation stands for will say something like, “Oh, indeed. About time you made a music post about this awesomesauce, do carry on now.”

Please bear with me. The music here is well worth it!

I’ve just always freakin’ loved unicorns, all right?

It’s actually Lia who’s lost her mind, and the rest of us are just following. She graduated from high school and suddenly reverted into a big freak who watches girly cartoons. Specifically My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. You should have seen her when we were in the toy section at Walmart a few weeks ago. “GET ME A PINKIE PIE PONY!!” Then she and Emily started hitting each other with light sabers, and I couldn’t decide whether to laugh hysterically or sneak off before someone associated me with those two.

Okay, so the cartoon is actually pretty fun. (My favorite ponies are Fluttershy and Luna.) The fan-made music is even better. Definitely something I can play in the background while writing.

Love the old-time piano in the middle of this one!

The next two are also great for kitchen dance parties
(aka “supposed to be doing the dishes, dancing instead”).

“Bell Crystal” isn’t a MLP mix, but it’s from the same artist who did “A Waltz For Trixie.” It’s one of my favorites.

Yeah, I know. I’m a grownup who listens to music made by a bunch of grownups who watch pony cartoons. Hee

Job update: The hubby put his resume in for a couple of great positions in Fallon, NV, which is only about 30 miles east of where we live. It’s a nice semi-rural area. So what did I do when I heard about it? Same thing I do when I get a request from an agent: get my hopes way up and start planning as if the goal has already been achieved! I immediately started looking up properties in Fallon, despite the fact that we won’t be able to move until we get the house fixed up to either sell or rent out, and that could be another year. I don’t care though, as long as he finds something. And I’d love to move to the country! I was finding big houses on ACRES. Woo! I want little goaties and bunnies and a ranch dog and barn cats and little pony unicorns and and and…

And Blogger is dumb. Every time I schedule it to post on a certain time, it just saves my post in the drafts and waits for me to publish it myself. Durr. But that’s okay, because I forgot the 10 random facts about myself, and my blog award! Thank you, Cheryl of Off Wi’ the Fairies!

1. I really like the pictures in my blog posts to be placed on the left or right side instead of centered. I just think it looks cool next to the text instead of in between it. Does that even count as a random fact?

2. I’m addicted to the Facebook game Zombie Lane, and I wish my house looked as cool as my game house. My avatar self is a zombie-butt-kickin’ master gardener!

3. I desperately want to move to the country and have a bunny hutch, goats, chickens, and a garden. I also want to learn how to make goat cheese and have fresh eggs. I may or may not want fresh chicken, depending on how awful it is to, umm…slaughter them yourself. *cry*

4. Getting stepped on by a full-grown English mastiff is quite as painful as getting stepped on by a week-old calf. Mastiffs drool a lot more though. Yes, I know from personal experience.

5. I don’t sleep well if my kitty Oreo isn’t curled up on my head.

6. I HATE talking on the phone. I much prefer texting, email, or Facebook.

7. I lose things all the time by putting them in a safe place where I won’t forget where they are. Yeah right.

8. Japanese food. Sushi. Noodles. Yum.

9. My dishwasher is broken so I use it as a giant bread box now.

10. I love things that traditionally freak girls out, like frogs, snakes, and bats. However, if it has more than 4 legs, get it away get it away!!


5 thoughts on “Music For Writing: MLP:FiM

  1. We ALL do that. That whole – this might be an option – and then totally plan for it.
    At least I do.

    I also don't love talking on the phone. If I need to take a break from texting, or IMing, or twitter, I just walk away, take care of it, and come back.

    Japanese food, thai food, middle eastern food . . .
    I'm now hungry ;D


  2. Good luck on the job hunt for your husband. I want the purple unicorn. It was cool to learn more about you. Awards are always such a great opportunity. I lose things by putting them in a safe place too. 🙂


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