Monday Har Har ARR!

In honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day (which isn’t all that different from any other day for me), I’m posting the bloopers from the first three Pirates of the Caribbean movies, which never fail to give me a good laugh.

#3 is my favorite:

Ooh! I lied! I didn’t know bloopers from the 4th movie were on Youtube yet, so imagine the fangirl fit I had just now when I discovered this little gem. I just watched it for the first time. A lotta giggling in this one. I loved how Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz kept cracking each other up. And Geoffrey Rush is always so funny at improvising his messed-up scenes.

One more little tidbit of pirate crazy before this wench signs off to get herself some grub:

Okay, so I was posting these things and Lia complained that everyone would have seen them already. And I was like, whatever, bimbo. I mean, “Yar, shut yer porthole, ye pox-ridden scullery maid!” I can watch these over and over again. So tell me what your favorite bloopers were.

Oh! Before I sign off, I want to share some fun news. So I logged onto my email this morning, and had a message from a member of an English band that creates a blend of folk and Indian music, and has been getting some attention in the steampunk scene. He liked my post on Vernian Process and very nicely invited me to do a post on them. I was really excited to get this email. “Squee! People read my blog!” So I’ve been listening to them today and really liking what I hear. A lot of it is very writing-friendly music. Friday I’ll feature this band, so I’m leaving their name a mystery for now.

And now I’m off to sail the pirate van in search of booty and grub. Happy Funny Monday, ye lubbers!


10 thoughts on “Monday Har Har ARR!

  1. Did I ever mention that I have an undying crush on Captain Jack Sparrow and Will Turner. Yep – both! Why have just one, right? So not only was this post hilarious, but I got my HOT pirate boy fix too. I've warned my husband that I would leave him if either of those two would take me. πŸ˜‰


  2. Tee hee, thanks girls!

    Abby – Oh, you didn't! We're going to have to fight over those pirates now! I love me some Jack and Will as well. Major eye candy. My 13-year-old is also in love with Johnny Depp, which is slightly disturbing. ;D

    Jolene – Maybe next Monday I'll mix it up a bit and make my blog an angry place. Hee hee, j/k


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