Monday Funny: How ‘Bout I Throw Some More Pictures At You??

More funny picture battles! Lia’s been launching them at my Facebook so frequently that I haven’t been saving the newest ones, and something so one-sided can hardly be called a battle anymore. Still, I’m getting some funny stuff! I’ll start saving my favorites again. The ones I’m posting here are oldies, they’ve been in my photo album on Facebook for a while. Click on the pics if they’re too small to read.

The previous eye candy stands alone in an onslaught of Harry Potter funnies…


This last one killed me!

And now…guess what, guess what? I didn’t win the Can You Hook a Teen contest, but I did get an honorable mention! Hey, I’ll take all the good news I can get. Now I’m off to make pumpkin pasties, a la Harry Potter! We made them over the weekend and they were AMAZING! They lasted all of 5 minutes out of the oven, and the kids have been begging for them again. Should I post the recipe?


11 thoughts on “Monday Funny: How ‘Bout I Throw Some More Pictures At You??

  1. The first pasties I made were last week, with a beef stew inside. Yummy! They were a lot larger than the pumpkin ones, and not pretty. LOL I've become a huge fan of tiny pies now, and I'm experimenting with different fillings and sizes. These were so easy, I used a 5-inch bowl to cut out the dough, then folded it over the pumpkin filling and crimped the edges with a fork. I'll post the recipe if y'all want! They're sooo good, like having your own personal pumpkin pie!


  2. These are hilarious. I love when you post these pictures. That one with Harry and Voldemort eating spaghetti had me laughing out loud! And YES, I definitely need the recipe for the pumpkin pasties!


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