On Freakouts and Cold Medicine

I was going to write about something writerly today, but since the cold medicine I’m on is ruining my thinking and I’m sure nothing I say will make much sense, I’m going to still try to be writerly but have fun too. We’ll have some fun!

A few of my friends lately have finished first drafts, and one or two more have just released books. Shout out to Jolene and Cherie! Cherie yelled on Twitter. Having recently completed the first draft of my second book, I still remember that excitement. I yelled and ran around and then called someone and yelled at them while running around, either my mom or the hubby.

You would think I’d have learned by now not to run around when I get really excited. I usually injure something. When I won Depeche Mode concert tickets, I almost crashed the car (this was before they made the law in Nevada about cell phones and driving). When I got my first request for a full, I ran outside and threw around all the kids who were on the front lawn (this included neighbor kids), screamed and scared the neighbors, then ran back inside, broke a toe, and freaked out the dog so she started chewing on my foot. I still have a faint scar…

Yeeeah. Oh, but I was quite reserved when I finished the first draft for The Moongate, because I was at Denny’s, and since I worked there at the time it would not have been good to run around the restaurant screaming. Instead, I jumped up and hugged my co-worker Marco, while giggling because he’s gorgeous and a great hugger.


Oh my gosh, funny story about Marco. I found out a couple weeks after the in-laws took all of us on a cruise that he now lives in Cabo and works in the tourist spot. We’d just been there. It would have been the funniest thing ever if I’d run into Marco while we were all walking around the shopping area. Because we had all the extended family, my father- and mother-in-law, two brothers-in-law, my one bil’s wife and kids…suddenly I would have lost it and started screaming while mauling this supposedly random guy in the plaza, and my kids would have joined in too because they also knew Marco and loved him to death. Since my in-laws already think I’m nuts, it would have been freaking HILARIOUS.

Wow. Okay then. See what I mean about cold medicine?

Anyway, what do you do when you get really great, exciting news? Especially when it has something to do with writing? Are you a total spaz like me, or are you more reserved and mature? Does the whole world know about it from your screaming, or do you break the news in a more civilized manner, such as writing a professional post on Facebook and Twitter? All of the above? Jolene, when you got that call from your agent, did you scream and throw things after you hung up the phone?

I am planning my freakout to the last detail when I finally get my agent call. Or small press publisher, whatever I end up going with.

I’m going to finish with a clip and a warning. Lia and I have been watching this pretty entertaining cartoon. But don’t ever watch it after you’ve taken Nyquil, because it will MESS YOUR BRAIN UP.


11 thoughts on “On Freakouts and Cold Medicine

  1. You crack me. You are way too cute and so is Marco! lol. I jump and yell and scream and do a happy dance when I'm excited about something. It's so weird but I don't care. hahaha


  2. Awww, you are more than AWESOME! Thanks for the mention! I shrieked and did an embarrassing dance, then jumped up and down with my 3-year-old boy who was happy to jump along with me. (Look, Mommy has gone crazy! LOL)

    It's a good feeling to accomplish something, and though I know it's probably 99% crap right now, as most first drafts are, at least I know I've done it. Will let it simmer before I do edits. I have a very tedious process. 😀

    I hope you feel better soon!


  3. It's funny how my family never gets it when I'm excited about finished an edit. For some funny reason, they keep thinking that means I'm “finished” with it. Yeah, right.

    Love the whimsy about Marco. That would have been hilarious!


  4. So I am pretty much a spaz, but my husband is mellow mellow mellow, and while I scream up and down, he goes 'yea' in a pretend sort of fashion… but I still am a spaz, although maybe not as spazzy as you because that is just who Kristin is!


  5. I'm glad I'm not the only spaz here! LOL Yeah, my husband is the same way, Mel: totally mellow and calm. The kids and I freak out about everything, and he just calmly watches, then walks away. But every once in a while, something will excite him so he'll have a freakout, and that's a scary sight!


  6. That cartoon is the WEIRDEST thing I have ever seen. Srsly.
    And I'm a screamer, too. Also like to jump around and pound on things. Would like to have a reason to do this soon. *taps foot* *checks email* 🙂


  7. I would LOVE to be more like you.

    I'm the girl who's afraid to have a baby shower before the baby comes.

    I had signed with CFI, and waited for their signed copy of my contract to be returned, and then waited another week in case it was a joke before I started telling people. Aside from my husband.
    When I got the email, I did do a bit of squealing, and I may have shed a tear or two when Mike gave me a hug.

    My agent? That was different. I suddenly had all these requests for three different manuscripts, and people with fulls to contact. It was hard. Mostly I didn't sleep that week. At all.
    When Lauren and I spoke, and I said yes, I STILL didn't announce until I had signed our contract, SHE had signed the contract, and the owner of ADA Management had signed the contract – YES, I was bursting to tell people. And once I made the decision to go with her, it was this huge weight, and I did a little squealing and jumping.

    She is the best agent ever. All her emails are signed with <3 Lauren.
    That's awesome.
    She TEXTS me with big news, like requests for material, and phone calls. I LOVE that.

    Psst. I really want to do some squealing and jumping again, but EVERYTHING could fall through because no official offers have been made yet, but I'm close, oh so so so close . . .


  8. Oh my gosh! Well, I'll scream and do a happy dance for you, Jolene, even though I have no idea what's so close (I can try to guess, though). The downside to having crazy freakouts immediately after good news is that if the good news falls through, it's followed by depression of equal or greater measure. When my full request ended up being rejected, I cried and didn't query for 6 months. I've gotten better at talking myself through the rejections now. I've had 20 rejections since then, and with all of them I didn't do anything more than give a sad sigh. 😀


  9. Kristin, oh Kristin—what a fantastic personality you have! I'd love to be around when you get good news and celebrate all crazy-like with you! I love to go crazy too – it's so much fun, besides being completely unavoidable!

    And hey, it's so cool that you just finished the first draft of your second novel. I'm in the winding up scenes of my second novel right now. Way faster than my first one! Wahoo!


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