Monday Funnies: More Pirates!

Monday Funnies are late today because I have one mofo of a cold that’s messed up my body and brain. Whaaaa, I just want to feel normal again and not suffer from all these whacked-out Nyquil dreams! Although the other night I did have a dream which spawned an awesome MG/YA creepy dark plot of amazingness! (That wasn’t the other dream I had in which Jolene built a couple of houses out of hatboxes and frosting, and wouldn’t let me move into one. She so mean!)

So anyway. What’s cooler than a writer obsessed with pirates? An artist obsessed with pirates! Especially when she’s funnier than crap. And crap can get pretty funny, believe me.

Lia started following this crazy lady – Warrioronlydude on Deviantart – a few years ago. (Clicky to her page on the left.) She kept calling me in to see these hilarious POTC comics and pictures. Warning: You might not want to be drinking anything, or at least keep some Windex and a towel near your monitor! (Click on the pics to see them bigger.)

I posted the next one a while ago, before I had any followers! šŸ˜€ It’s one of my favorites, about what Calypso actually says in that strange language after she grows to giant size:

She has an absolutely hilarious way of depicting Davy Jones in many of her drawings. And a cool comic series about our favorite tentacle-bearded villain, called “Davy Jones’ Day Off,” in her gallery if you wanted to go check it out… (And a newer strip called “A Pirate’s Life For Me.”)

This one killed me. Baby Kraken is cute!

Having driven to Utah many times myself, I thought the same thing when I first saw this scene!
Title: Where Davy Jones’ Locker Is

She has a serious side too, and the following picture really shows her talent. She even makes awesome crafts. OMSquee talent overload!

And she’s not all POTC either. The Last Airbender, yay! She has more awesome comics from many inspired sources in her gallery. I just chose mainly the pirates ones, because PIRATES!!

Double funny today! Warrioronlydude is LDS like me, so I’m posting a bunch of her Mormon funnies on ANWA’s blog. If you’re not LDS, you may not get all the jokes, but you’ll get at least a few if you’ve ever met the missionaries. šŸ˜€

And now I’m going to go chug some cold medicine and squoosh my cat. Non-germy air hugs!


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