Deadlines Are Great! So Are Parties!

You know that little rewriting deadline I set for myself a couple weeks ago? The one in which I promised myself some tights and sushi if I completed it? Well…I did! Right on time too.

I think I get bonus points for finishing this rewrite in a tornado of insanity. My 13-year-old and 11-year-old had their annual Halloween party last night. The one that they plan and send out invites for before getting permission! It always ends up being a total blast, but exhausting. A record number showed up last night: at least 30 6th- to 8th-grade kids, and about 15 stayed for the sleepover. (Next year the sleepover part will be omitted or I’ll lose the rest of my sanity!)

These girls really know how to throw a party. I was impressed with the treats they made, and the decorations they came up with on a tight budget. (Didn’t get pictures of the porch outside yet, will when it’s a little darker and gloomier.)

This doesn’t even show…kids were everywhere! Everywhere!

Werewolf cupcakes
This cake was probably the best cake I’ve ever had!
It was seriously amazing. Emily’s my cake baker from now on.
They made these string cheese zombie fingers.
I didn’t get a picture of ours before they all got eaten.

So anyway, last night I sat on the couch in a living room full of screaming girls and crazy dance party music, somehow tuned out all the noise, and fixed all those pesky red notes. Then I deleted them while laughing like a villain! After that, I played Apples to Apples with the girls.

Daisy the bunny got some major spoiling!
Brian’s crashed on the couch. LOL

So, what now? I’m going to scrounge up the money for some crazy tights and all-you-can-eat sushi at my favorite place, Sushi Time, send out some more query letters, get back to work on Cobalt, and then party like this dude:

Except not today, my lower back is really out…


6 thoughts on “Deadlines Are Great! So Are Parties!

  1. My goodness – you are THE WOMAN! I am so impressed. And the halloween party sounds like a blast. LOVE THE PICS! What fun kids you have. You are such a great mom! Way to go on the deadline! You certainly deserve new tights and some sushi!


  2. Wow that's quite the dance move! This looks like a super fun party. Your kids will (someday far, far from now) thank you for being such a fun mom! And congrats on your goal.


  3. I am an awful person, but your rejections give me hope. I know you're talented and skilled and you're STILL getting rejected. I think…hey maybe that means I don't suck, like my villainous insecurity keeps nagging at me.
    PS…I've had so much rejection chocolate I'm wondering if worker's comp will cover my inevitable diabetes?


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