Derpy Mistakes and Horrible Sisters

It’s almost 2 am and I should be going to bed right now, but instead I’m having a freakout. A freakout of the bad, but hopefully quite unnecessary, kind. I just submitted a query to an agent I’ve really been looking forward to querying for a long time. My hotmail was being stupid and saying the server was too busy. So I saved the draft and tried again a few minutes later. Every time, the font would screw up (I have it set to TNR 12 pt but it kept switching to some random font in super tiny). It’s like my stupid hotmail is trying to sabotage me! So I was freaking out already about getting the font right, and hoping nothing else got messed up either. After a few tries, the message finally sent.

I should have just quit for the night and tried again tomorrow. I checked the Sent Messages folder, and found out that it got sent twice! Ugh, now I look not only really desperate but really amateur. At least in my eyes I do. I’m sure we’ve all had some really derpy moments with some of the agents we’ve submitted to. But I was really, really hoping for perfection with this one! This is a good case for switching to Gmail…

So then Monday was also really lame and I didn’t post funnies. I have a few funny pics and videos to try to make up for it. 🙂

I made a pet hamster out of our cat Crybaby’s fur! A hamster the other cats won’t try to hunt and kill! Then I stuck it on a dresser to see how long it would take the kids to notice. It took about 2 weeks before someone said, “What the heck is this?!”

We call this Emily’s troll face.

My new garbage can came with a stowaway!

We had to get out and take this picture as soon as we saw the sign! We got a lot of weird looks too, which I found baffling. I mean, look at the sign, people! It’s kind of obvious what we were up to…

Lia didn’t think she looked very much like Professor Trelawney until I made this comparison picture. The pic even shows up when you google Lia’s name!

And…well, I took this video the other day. Proof that we’re not winning any Family of the Year awards anytime soon…
BTW, you all need to know that scene was totally staged. They’d just done some wrestling and dance moves, Lia owned Emily in the middle of the song, and then Emily wanted to recreate that charming moment on video. Sisters…
So now that I’ve calmed down a little bit and I think I’m finally ready for bed, anyone else have any query letter horror stories to share? Anything really dumb, silly, or funny you did in your quest for publication? (Reassurances that I haven’t just totally blown my chances for this particular agent would be great too…)


12 thoughts on “Derpy Mistakes and Horrible Sisters

  1. I haven't queried yet, so I dont know if I can say that you're safe. But be positive, and hope that something good comes out of it, and if they reject you, then you can submit again elswhere. Good luck!


  2. Awww, your family is so fun and so cute! Btw, about the query, yeah it sucks when we're already stressing about it and it doesn't go as perfectly as we had planned it (in our mind). I think you'll be fine. Agents know glitches can happen in the cyberworld. I think I send a query once and totally forgot to add the first five pages as was stated in the guidelines. It didn't matter anyway, 'cause the agent rejected me a couple days later. 🙂

    Sooo, I have an award for you.


  3. I've made some embarrassing query mistakes. Like “I loved the book _______ you repped.” When in fact that agent and that agency hadn't repped that book at all. No problem. I think if the agent loves you it won't matter. If not, well oh well.


  4. Girl – it's all good. The querying world SUCKS! Seriously, it BLOWS! I hate it. I believe the universe it out to sabotage us when it comes to querying, but I have no idea that you will pull through because… well, you're just that awesome! I get to start reading your book tomorrow! FINALLY! Can't wait.


  5. Yay, thanks Cherie! I'm gonna have fun with that award!

    I just got a 2-day rejection, so I'm feeling kinda bummed today. I'm used to them by now, but you wonder if they even read the query if they say their response time is 4 weeks and you get a no after only 2 days. :/

    Donna – don't be too scared! It's just like writing letters. The trick is not taking the rejections personally. I take EVERYTHING personally, so it was a hard lesson to learn. LOL


  6. Love the street picture! I'd have just been jealous I didn't think of it first if I was a passer by.

    Worst query? My very first attempt. I was clueless. Stapled chapters together, stuck a few post it notes on it in lieu of query letter, then mailed it to the address in the cover of a book I had on a book shelf.
    I got a form rejection.


  7. Got to add after reading comment about two day rejection…I think quick rejection is the most subjective pass and the least depressing. I think of all the books I pass on in the book store~ doesn't mean they're bad, they just didn't catch my eye.
    Chin up, never quit.


  8. You'll be fine. I'm sure agents get double emails all the time. Don't fret.

    Loved the pics. The upside down walking is awesome. Made my day. And yeah, kids notice nothing. I could buy a life sized sculpture of bigfoot and put it in a corner and no one would say a thing–not even my husband. They notice nothing. A hairball would NEVER get noticed.


  9. Those pictures of your family are ridiculously adorable!

    About the agent and the email – everyone knows what email can be like. If it's two consecutive messages, then I bet you a million bucks that she realized that it was the email, not you. I bet she's done the same thing to someone else! (Haven't we all?)


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