Today I’m Rambling on About NaNoWriMo…and My Bra

Do any of you guys have a draft post saved for your blogging ideas? I have to write down everything that comes to mind on what to blog about, because I’m afraid of someday running out of ideas. I was going through that list just now when I saw the following: “Need a GPS tracker for my bra.” Well…I don’t even remember writing that. I guess I was planning on blogging about it, but that’s pretty weird. I bet I came up with the idea during the week I was chugging Nyquil…

I taunt you with my ability to get lost
in the most random places.

Even if it is true. I’m always losing my bras! I would throw large amounts of money at any store that stocked bras with not only great support but little trackers sewn into the cups, and a remote locator for your keychain. Except I also need a tracker for my keychain.

I promise I’m not on Nyquil right now!

What does that even have to do with writing? This kind of crazy rambling makes me worry about something else I have in that little draft list of mine: acting like a writer.

(Yeah, I get to strike two topics out of my list!)

My biggest challenge is treating this as a profession and not a hobby. Yesterday I was filling out paperwork for an optometrist appointment and they asked for my hobbies. (My new eye doctor wants to know my hobbies? Cool!) I put down writing and reading. Then I thought, wait a second. My hobbies are sewing, freaking out over steampunk stuff, and making jewelry (speaking of, I made an awesome bracelet yesterday, I think I’ll post a pic of it soon).

Writing is not a hobby. I want people to throw money at me for my books someday! That’s called a profession. I can go weeks without working on my hobbies and not feel guilty about it. If I go longer than a few days without writing new words or at least doing something with my WIP, I feel like I’m cheating myself out of something awesome. We writers fall into the small category of lucky people who get paid for doing something we love (or we have the goal of eventually getting paid).

So I don’t always approach writing like it’s a job. I don’t act like a writer. I realized this just in time for NaNoWriMo. I’ve never participated in the past, because I tell myself I don’t have the discipline to write 2000 words a day.

Bull-honky. When I’m really on a roll, I can crank out 2000 words in under an hour. Usually 500 words takes me about an hour, but even then, that means I can do 2000 words if I get strict with my writing schedule and eliminate distractions. (Goodbye, Facebook! *cry*)

I guess I’m saying I’ll commit to doing NaNoWriMo this year. Eep! But it’s exciting, because I’ve been wanting to get the first draft of Cobalt done so I can outline a dark and spooky YA fantasy that’s been bouncing around in my brain the last couple of weeks.

With NaNo, I’m committing to not only making a huge dent in my WIP, but learning more about treating this as a job, acting like a writer and not a dabbler. I have a feeling that not only will the next month be exhausting and crazy-making, but I’ll come out of it with some new tools and talents, and a lot more discipline.

What about you guys? Who’s doing NaNo this year too? Who’s done it before? Any tips or advice?

And…has anyone seen my black bra? It’s been missing for days.


9 thoughts on “Today I’m Rambling on About NaNoWriMo…and My Bra

  1. I've never done NaNo and I was thinking about it this year but then we decided to move back to England in December and I can't cope with the pressure of 50k words in a month *and* moving overseas. So I chickened out.

    I don't think I need it anyway. I have proved to myself that I can finish a novel. It took longer than a month, though. And I've started the sequel, which I shall plug away at until that is done. So while NaNo might be a fun challenge, I don't feel bad for not taking part. Maybe next year, if I feel like it 🙂


  2. I did NaNoWriMo last year, and it was really awesome but really hard for me (perhaps going to school full time and my laziness on top of that had something to do with it). I kind of crashed and burned a few weeks in – I ended up with only 15k words. It's great motivation to get something done, though. If I could eke out 15k words, you could make it all the way easy.
    I'm going to try again this year, with a scheduled time to write. I think that will help me a lot.


  3. Um, if your black bra's straps come off, I may have it. I have an extra black bra strap. As well as two left socks – one yellow and one blue. Are those yours too?? Is there a worm hole between your dresser drawer and mine? *wide eyes*
    I'm NOT doing NaNo this year, only bc we're going to Cancun the week of Thanksgiving and I won't be physically writing that week. Dreaming, experiencing, filing away, yes. Sitting in front of the computer, no. Good luck w/ your WIP!


  4. This year is my first time doing Nano and I'm really, really nervous. I'm a slow writer, though when the muse is cranking, I CAN write a lot of words. Still, I just don't know what to expect or how I'll manage seeing as I've never done anything like it before. I guess I'll see when I 'get' there, eh?

    Good luck to you, and with, er, finding your bra as well. XD


  5. I have your bra! I figured if I stole it you'd have to come get it and I could meet you in person and we could shop for killer tights and invent a bra with tracking and support. You in?

    Awesome not to think of writing as a hobby. It needs to be a profession! Oh-yeah! That's the key that will take us all the way!


  6. Bethany – ROFL, my husband would do the same thing!

    NaNo is killing me so far, it's really hard finding the time to get in those 2000 words. I'm learning a lot on time management and plonking those words down, though.

    Abby – silly! You should have hung onto it instead of putting it back on my dresser where I finally found it. How in the world I could find it there after looking in that spot a dozen times I'll never know…


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