My NaNoWriFail

Well guys, I was all pumped for NaNoWriMo this year, but sadly I’m going to have to cut my word count goal from 2000 to 500. My shoulders have been annoying little buggers lately. They don’t want me to lift anything, exercise, sleep in any position, let a kid lean against me, or – worst of all – write. I got pinched nerves or something in my shoulders near the end of my 5-year stint waitressing at Denny’s (I was a kick-a waitress too! Our Denny’s is on the route to Burning Man, and it was so much fun – although exhausting – serving the burners! I miss it sometimes).

Obviously I can’t give up writing, or any of those other activities, so I need to pace myself. Less online time (boo) to let my shoulders heal, and a saner daily word goal so I don’t get overwhelmed and beat myself up.

There’s a great alternative for authors who want to set some serious writing goals without the hard-to-meet objective of 50,000 words in a month. The writer’s group I belong to, ANWA, puts on writing challenges 4 times a year through the Yahoo group ANWAWrite. Anyone can join, you don’t have to be LDS or a woman. One of the challenges is called BIAM (Book In A Month) and coincides with NaNo. Many participants do both in November. The group’s moderators send out regular emails with inspirational quotes, and cheer everyone on when they turn in their daily word counts. What I love most about the challenges is that you pick your own word count goal. The first time I did BIAM, I learned so much about managing my time and getting my 500 words in without editing while I was writing.

The good news is that I have almost 3000 new words on Cobalt! I’m excited with the direction the story is taking, and pretty soon there’s going to be some real monster & pirate action. (That is, if you don’t consider jumping out of a moving airship into a forest full of mutant creatures and moving, bloodthirsty trees real action, which recently happened. That was a fun scene to write!)

Well, I must wrap this post up. My hungry stomach calleth me to the fridge for some leftover Marriage Proposal Chicken Soup. (I call it that because my daughter Lia took some to her first day at work yesterday and her co-worker, seeing and smelling the home-cooked deliciousness, proposed to her on the spot. Why don’t I ever get marriage proposals for my cooking??)

Oh, and speaking about good recipes, I just remembered this one. It’s freaking amazing, super easy to make, and probably adding inches to my waist since we have a mug of it every night before bed! (Click to see it full-size.)


6 thoughts on “My NaNoWriFail

  1. Yum…butterbeer!

    I set my goal for 500 daily words because I know some days may be like that. But that doesn't mean I have to stop at 500 when the words are flowing and I have the time. At least this way I'll be successful even on the tough days.

    Good luck!


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