How To Give This Momma a Heart Attack. Also, Some Music and Stuffs

I want to blog, dang it! In Cobalt, I’ve just introduced a character who would look like a teenage version of this guy (what choo think about that eye candy, Abby? Even if I’m not really into Matthew Bellamy anymore, I did plan my character around him). Although the action is ramping up and it’s getting really fun, I’m floundering with the introductory dialogue. It’s going a little something like this:

Ania: “What in the hayell…where’d you come from, old acquaintance/romantic interest?”
Milek: “Hey babe. Knew I’d run into ya here one day or another.” *wink wink* “You gonna introduce me to your hot friend?”
Kate: *blush fumble snort*
Ania: “OMG GTFO. BTW, her dad was famous but now he’s dead and stuff.”
Milek: “Nice scar. What’s a cute, rich little heiress doing out here all on her own? I should tell your mommy!”
Ania: “I will poke you with all my stabby pointy weapons!”

Okay, not really. But it feels like this conversation is that awkward. I need to plan out my dialogue instead of just jumping into it!

Anyway, moving right along. Can you imagine how much it would scare you, as a mom (if you’re a guy, just pretend you’re a mom for a minute) and you got this text from your 18-year-old daughter on the first day of her new job: “I almost killed myself! I tripped over my boots and almost fell off a castle onto the ice! It was like 20 feet high! Oh, and one of my co-workers asked me to marry him when I was eating your chicken soup during lunch.”

Yes, friends, that lucky child’s very first job ever is her dream job, a stagehand doing backstage stuff at local events. Last weekend she worked for Disney On Ice. My friend got the following picture of the set. The middle part, between the staircases, was the section that nearly ended her life!

She still has bruises and cuts from falling on the ice while pushing set pieces around and squishing her fingers in equipment. She got to help the skaters with their props and costumes (and sent me several interesting texts on the colorful vocabulary of the princesses and the amazing abs of the princes), and she had Disney songs stuck in her head for days afterward. Next weekend, she gets to work backstage for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra! Momma is a little bit jealous. ;D I’m not too worried she’ll be falling off any more castles, though.

Well, I haven’t done any Music Friday posts in a while. That’s partly due to my shoulders causing me so many problems, and partly because I’m planning to work with an awesome friend of mine on a different project involving steampunk music. (It’s kind of up in the air for now, because both of us have been crazy busy lately.) I still have lots of music ideas for this blog, especially involving writing. They might be a little sporadic, though. But since I’m working on a steampunk book, I thought I’d share something that gave me my very first taste of steampunk.

Some of you might have heard of (or played) the PC game Myst. What a gorgeous game! I loved the whole concept of it from the very beginning, before I even knew what steampunk was. I won’t go into too much detail in this post, since I’m planning on making another Myst-related post soon, and I’m rambling on too long anyway. But I’d love to share a clip or two of the game’s soundtrack, which is, to me, very inspiring while writing in the steampunk genre.

Since you’ve all been kind enough to stick with my nonsensical post so far, I’d like to share part of the dialogue in Cobalt that’s giving me grief. I feel a little stuck on where to go with it next, but I’m going to brainstorm.

Not quite knowing what to do, Kate wrapped both hands around her mug and took a huge drink of the lukewarm, bitter water. 

Milek laughed. “Charmed, indeed.”

“This is Kate.” Ania’s eyes flashed in Milek’s direction. “Katerina Lebel. I’m guarding her during her stay in the city.” 

Milek’s eyes widened and he took a second, longer look at Kate. “Well, such a name would surely afford you girls better accommodations than this.” 

Kate lowered her mug and returned Milek’s gaze. “I didn’t realize my name was this well-known so far south.” 

Milek smiled. “Oh, anyone who’s spent time on a ship knows the name Lebel. But Ania here can’t be your only escort? Not that she isn’t more than an adequate guard, but I’d think such a young heiress wouldn’t be out on her own.” The boy’s eyes traveled over Kate, taking extra time, she was sure, on her scar, dirty hair, and ragged clothing. 

“That’s none of your concern,” Ania snapped. 

“You sure nobody’s missing you at home?” Milek asked Kate, ignoring Ania. “Worrying about where you’ve gone off to? It’s not a kind world for a little girl on her own. Especially a rich little girl.”

Well, then. Now I’m going to push some wrestling kids off the bed before they kick my laptop. Then I’m going to try to write some more. Oh! And I almost forgot. I have a new page tab, up at the top of my blog, about YA agents and whatnot. Check it out if you plan on querying at any time in your life. It may not save the world, but it might just save you a buttload of time.


5 thoughts on “How To Give This Momma a Heart Attack. Also, Some Music and Stuffs

  1. Aw— sweet eye candy! *bliss* You are so awesome. And I want the Disney on Ice job. Even for a day, that would be the nutzo kinda fun! I would love it.

    And thanks for the “new tab.” Might just be the best tab EVER made! 🙂


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