I’m Not Looking For An Agent Anymore!

No, I didn’t find an agent. Did I getcha? But after reading this blog post, this guy‘s posts regarding agents, and this kitty’s blog (my kitty should totally get a blog too), I think I’m going to shelf my agent list (at least for now) and concentrate on compiling my list of small press and indie publishers who accept un-agented submissions.

I’ve been querying agents on and off for over 2 years. The “off” periods included pulling my MS for revisions, and just getting tired of the rejections and needing a few weeks to lick my wounds and cry into my pillow.

During this time, I’ve amassed 70 rejection letters. A small amount to many authors who’ve had over 100, but I think this is a respectable number. I can brag about it! Out of this entire mess, I’ve had one request for a partial, one request for a full (from a New York agency! That was cool, and it was a very close one, she loved it but not quite enough), and only a handful of very kind personal rejections. The rest, of course, were form letters. Not that I have a problem with form letters – at least they’re better than the “no response means we don’t want ya” kind.

The rejection that hurt the most? The one that began, “Wow, Kristin!” My immediate thought was, “I have an agent!” But continuing to read, I realized she said wow because my query had gone to her spam folder, she’d just found it, and was feeling bad it had taken her so long to reject me. Ouch.

I’m so done. I’m sure I’ll get rejections from publishers as well, but at least I’m cutting out the middle man. I don’t really think The Moongate is a “Big 6” kind of book anyway, but I can definitely see it getting some love with a great indie press.

Hey, if my favorite bands are indie, why wouldn’t it be good enough for me?

One day I might dust off that agent list and start again, but after 2+ years I think it’s time to try a different approach. What do you guys think? Any advice for an indie author? How to market, how to find publishers to submit to, anything else I need to know?

Oh, and I still have my list of agencies who accept YA (info in the tab at the top of my blog) for those who are interested. I know that having an agent is still the right choice for many authors, and in the future, it might be for me. Who knows?


11 thoughts on “I’m Not Looking For An Agent Anymore!

  1. You can always publish an e-book. There are several routes – Amazon being one of them. Just be sure your cover is awesome (might be worth hiring an artist/graphic designer for cheap) and your logline is fantastic. Lots of authors have had success that way. And it's a great way to build readership/pub creds.
    Wishing you luck!


  2. When I first started writing The Moongate 5 years ago, general publishing advice was still of the opinion that self-pubbing was BAD. It's amazing how much has changed in such a short time. Good self-published books are getting respect, and it's not frowned upon so much anymore.

    You can't say I didn't try. Although you can say I didn't make it all the way through my list! There were still about 100 agencies I didn't query. I might go back later. But I'm really starting to think a small publisher would be good for a first book.

    And am I terrible for not really wanting to query agencies that only want snail-mail queries? Email is so much faster, saves trees, and it's FREE! I can understand an agent or publisher needing a hard copy of an entire ms, but a query letter only? It's almost 2012, come on!


  3. Good for you! You don't need an agent. Even if you still want to traditionally publish, just submit to editors yourself (publisher's marketplace?) and then hire a lawyer to help negotiate.

    (If you do that, make sure you've read this post first: http://kriswrites.com/2011/12/07/the-business-rusch-how-to-make-traditional-publishing-writer-friendly/)

    Or you could just self which is what I'm going to do. I don't have the patience for traditional publishing and I hate relinquishing control of my creation.


  4. Good for you Kristin! I think that's awesome. Moongate will definitely get some love and it will be good to hear more about indie publishing. Keep us posted along your journey! I'm cheering you on all the way! YAY!


  5. whatever route you take, good luck. And remember…never give up. You're funny and talented. I only friended people I expect to make it, take pity on me, then shoot me to the front of the pack. I'm clever that way. 🙂


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