It’s that time of the week again. Funny pictures! Gosh, I always make these posts on Sunday night and then I can’t wait until Monday to post them. :B

You have to click on the next one, because it’s an animated gif. XD
Don’t get offended! As a female driver who drives better than her husband, I still found this hilarious.

This is crazy, I don’t even… But that’s why I like it!

Story of my life!
And now for the eye candy portion of this post:
It’s freaking Voldemort. The Dark Lord! What?
Where do I sign up to get my Dark Mark?
Neville Longbottom?!?! Umm…yeah…If he’s over 21, it’s not very creepy if I look, right?

I know! *cries*
Lia and I are going to watch all the movies sometime and do this!
And then see how sore we are the next day.
The following is my Christmas gift to you. It’s not a funny, but it could be if you make it in the middle of the night and hog it all for yourself! Okay, probably not a good idea. A normal-sized piece of this cake is almost too much. Super easy recipe, and so so delicious!

Click the picture to go to the recipe at Life as a Lofthouse Food Blog. 🙂
Merry Christmas, everyone! I’ll probably post once more before I head over to my mom’s in Boise. Go read my post on ANWA’s blog to see the reason it’s an extra special holiday season for my family!

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