My Birthday Present!

Last week at writers’ group Dennis showed up unexpectedly. He announced his presence by sneaking up behind me and resting his chin on the top of my head, which didn’t get any reaction from me, much to my writer friends’ confusion. Well, I’m used to people hanging all over me! In fact – and I’m 100% not kidding here – just as I was typing that last sentence, Lia came up behind me and squished into the back of my head so she could see what I was writing. So at Barnes & Noble, I thought it was Lia or her friend Cheyenne who was being cuddly and I just let them carry on. But when some of the people in my group started casting amused glances over the top of my head, I turned and jumped out of my skin when I saw it was my husband instead of one of the kids!

He just said he wanted to show up and hang out and browse the books. I was like, okay, whatever floats your boat honey, I’m about to read my scene now so goawaykthanksbye.

When we were going home, I noticed Dennis and Eva whispering conspiratorially to each other. “Give it to her now!” I heard Eva say. Then I deduced something, and my sneaky deductions were correct. The hubby had gone to B&N to get me one of these:

My birthday’s next month, actually. And it didn’t really look like that. It was more like this:

And I was like “No I want it now!” *yoink* Because I already knew what was in the bag. The hubs had dropped some hints.

A shiny new Nook! I have a brown leather cover too, which I stole from Dennis because he didn’t seem to like it. See, he got himself one for Christmas. He’d been wanting one for a few months, and since he got a surprise bonus from his job I told him he should treat himself. It’s been a rough year and he really deserved it. I never wanted a reader for myself, though. I scoffed at them. I like the feel of pages between my fingers, and I love the smell of a new book. Yes, I do stick my nose in a book, quite literally, and I inhale deeply. Because I’m just creepy that way.

Well, poor Dennis didn’t get to use his Nook all that much over Christmas break. The kids took it for the coloring app and the little games he’d downloaded. I played Angry Birds for hours on end (I was really in the mood to smash stuff). He just wanted to read and watch Netflix movies, but we only let him have his reader long after everyone’s bedtime.

So when he started dropping hints that he might get me one for my birthday, I made that face that told him I’d really want one but he shouldn’t get it because we couldn’t afford it. I don’t know how he did, and I’m not asking. Because I kinda think I deserve a new toy too.

He uses his Nook mainly for reading really bad free or 99-cent D&D fiction, or watching movies. And now that I have one, he gets to use his much more often. It’s my turn to beat the kids away with a stick! I do have a book on it – Boneshaker by Cherie Priest, because I’ve lost the paperback twice and the second time I never found it – but the apps and wifi keep distracting me from reading! There’s Angry Birds, of course…

Because I’m an angry mama bird and still feel the need to smash things!

And this more-addictive-than-crack game called Doodle Jump. I think I need to ban myself from the apps altogether.

Dennis had done some research on the Nook, the Kindle, and the iPad. So I don’t know why Dennis chose the Nook over the Kindle; I have zero knowledge of the differences between the two, but he kept going on about how he was more impressed by the Nook. And the iPad was just too expensive. I don’t care, I’m happy because it works and it’s awesome, so no complaints from me.

What do you guys prefer? Nook, Kindle, iPad, or good old-fashioned book? If you have an e-reader, what do you use it for, besides books?

Although I’m in love with my new gadget, I really really love my messy desk with the teetering piles of “real” books. (I’d like a bookshelf someday, though.)

There’s not even room for my laptop in all that mess! Especially when Oreo wants in on the fun.

There’s just some kind of magical charm about a room full of books that an e-reader will never be able to replace. I’ll give e-books a chance, but I have a feeling my true love will always be one of these:

With real pages I can turn, stick a real bookmark in, and press into my face to inhale that dry, slightly musty scent that promises adventure and excitement. My Nook doesn’t have a scent that I can detect. Although I have to admit, the leather cover does smell pretty cool.

Now I’m off to play some more Doodle Jump…


12 thoughts on “My Birthday Present!

  1. I'd love an e-reader. Maybe one day. If and when that happens, it will be the same in our house as it was in yours. My Honey will do all the research and then tell me the best one to get. That's the one I'll have – it's worked for everything else so I'm not messing with a winning formula 🙂


  2. Aww! What a good hubby! That's so fun! I want a nook or kindle too, but I admit… my true love will always be the “real” books. A nook or kindle will be fun for games and other stuff! bahahaha!


  3. My iPad has the Nook, Kindle and iBooks standard…I don't use any of them. I love flipping through the pages of a book. So sweet of the hubs, though! And don't you love how excited kids get for other people's birthdays?!


  4. Happy Birthday! I have a nook, too. Just the basic ereader, but I love it. It's good to see I'm not the only one with teetering piles of books. I still buy regular books, but now can read all of my friends estories. which is great.


  5. I don't have an ereader, and I really don't have a desire to own one. I'm always late to jumping on the technology bandwagon. Just ask my hubs. I resisted getting an iPhone for a looong time, until he got me one for my birthday, and then I fell in love with it. Hubs has an iPad but I don't even try to use it.

    I love real books, too. But I suspect, if ever I'm gifted with an e-reader, I would probably be thrilled too ('cause I love to read). 🙂 Advance Happy Birthday!!


  6. I'm the same way! It took me forever to warm up to the idea of buying an ebook instead of paper (poor trees! lol), and I'm still only lukewarm. My hubby is totally converted, but I'll choose a book with pages every time. All the other features make it awesome anyway!


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