Some Mushy Stuff, and 99 Followers?!

So I don’t normally blog this much in one week, but my friend Ranee’ S. Clark is doing a really fun blog countdown to V-Day, and yesterday she featured me! I got to share two of my favorite romantic scenes from literary sources – either from a book I’ve read, a movie based on a book, or a scene from any of my own books. The funny part is, I don’t consider myself a romance writer, but I did have something to share, and it wasn’t the kiss scene from Cobalt that I shared here a few days ago! Seems like I’m getting all kinds of mushy lately, but that’s okay. I need to get over all the blushing and squirming whenever I even think of writing something romantic, because there’ll probably be more kissing in Cobalt. I have another dark fantasy idea after this that will probably get a little mushy. And in the third book of the Moongate series, there will definitely be some faces smushing together – in first person narrative no less, instead of secondary characters like in Cobalt – so I’d better get all that blushing over with early!

Check out Ranee’s countdown on her blog, starting with her first post featuring romantic little moi! And have a look below at some of my favorite romantic pairings of all time. Only a couple are book-based though, because I need pictures for my blog, and the movies and TV shows are where that’s at. *Grammar Nazi shudder* And keep reading after the pics, because I have a few more tidbits at the end!

Really, does this surprise you at all?

Ron & Hermione’s romance was very sweet, and long-awaited.

The Doctor/Rose. Rip-your-heart-out, tear-inducing bittersweetness!
But their kiss scene was about 30 seconds way too short.

That’s the sound of my impatience in waiting for this movie.

I like cartoons, all right? And this was a dang good cartoon, so shut up.

Well, looky here. Who’s that cute girl, and the slightly effeminate but adorable guy with a huge chip on his shoulder? Might they be a couple of characters I mentioned in Ranee’s blog?

Artist: Simplydelightful

Well, earlier today I was poking about my dashboard and my butt fell off the chair when I realized I’d made it to 99 followers!!1! I said to Lia, “Holy crap, I’m at 99 followers! 99 followers I am at, crappy hole!” And then we both froze and kinda looked at each other, and I mumbled something about totally not intending for it to come out that way, and we never spoke to each other about it again.

But. 99 followers, holy crap! I should do some kind of thingy to push that number over 100, but I have no idea what. So here’s a poll. It’ll expire on V-Day, because I said so.

And that’s about enough nonsense for one post, I think. G’day lovelies!


6 thoughts on “Some Mushy Stuff, and 99 Followers?!

  1. Holluh! That's awesome girl! 99 followers! Yep – lets definitely do something to celebrate. I want the pirate ship! 😉

    And… I'm totally seeing the cute cartoon fairy characters… hmmm… who do they remind me of? 😉 LOVE IT!


  2. Kristin,
    Wow, 99 followers is quite a feat! Congratulations!!! Also I really like your kiss scenes, maybe I should share some of mine. Hey I also want to thank you for your comments on my blog.
    Thanks, Joyce S. of Tumbleweed Lane


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