Ask and I Shall Receive

I griped that I was all out of Harry Potter funnies, and Lia came through! But first, a few others I’ve collected over the last few weeks…

This is me, with all those homemade brownies I’ve been making lately…

I’m thinking in honor of this little movie coming out next month that I’m super excited about, I should do a Hunger Games funny post soon. What do y’all think?

I hate when my pits are so loud they ruin my music videos.

These are my kids. Not really, but they could be…

Heh heh. Everyone on Facebook has seen the original:

I think I’ve done something like this once or twice or 11 times…

The last pic makes sense after hearing the narrator in the following video
(based off another Facebook gem!)

Quick update: Looks like I’m in the triple digits now! Whee, I finally made it to 100 followers! My friend Elizabeth’s husband Chad just joined – or I’m thinking Liz pulled a few sneaky strings to get me my 100th follower. Fess up, Liz! Either way, I’m going to figure out a cool thank-you prize for her, and I’m still planning my blog party. Speaking of followers, head over to Elizabeth’s blog and show her some love! Make sure you tell her Kristin sent ya. Liz is super fun and funny, and she writes romance, so she’s been a huge help to me whenever I need some romance advice! (Not in the literal sense; heck, I have 6 kids!)


15 thoughts on “Ask and I Shall Receive

  1. How do these people get it all done?! Doing a blog fest right now offered by some real savvy bloggers who know way more what they are doing than I do. Check it out. It was fun. 🙂
    And yes, I look like Pooh too. And I want to query. And we can't find our phone chargers for the mess in this place. HOW DO PEOPLE DO IT ALL???????
    Check out the Characters on the Couch if you want. Links are on my blog (shameless redirection thru my blog…I call that marketing!)


  2. Ooh, I'll go looky at that blog fest! I haven't done any in a while, and I'll need to know so I can do my own soon. Do it all??? Hah! I don't think that's possible! I know for me it's either my house or my writing. You can come over here and immediately tell which has more priority. LOL

    Oh and hey! Chad is my 100th follower! Or is that you in disguise? 😉 So when I get it together and have my big 100th follower blog party, you get a special present. 😀


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