Happy Funny To Me!

Did I do Monday funnies the last week or two? I don’t think I did. Thanks a LOT, dead laptop! Well, guess what…

It’sss my birthday!

And I got a great present from God and Mother Nature. All winter long I’ve been complaining that we haven’t had enough snow, it’s been too warm, etc. etc. blah blah gripe. 1. I LOVE snow, and 2. When we have a dry winter, I worry that the upcoming summer is going to be hell on earth.

Anyway, it’s been snowing all day! Happy birthday to me!

Now, what I want most of all is a book deal, but since I’m not going to get that today – I haven’t been submitting to publishers because I need to print a hard copy of The Moongate for Shadow Mountain Publishing and I’ve been procrastinating on that out of fear – I think for today’s funny I’ll share the writing-related pics and stuff I’ve been collecting recently.

Or, for a slightly racier explanation of the Oxford comma that might get me in trouble. πŸ˜‰

Ain’t that the truth!

I think you might need to click on this pic to read it (and a few others), but it’s so worth it.

Really? Really?? And agents didn’t want to touch The Moongate?

I was saying something like this, and then Lia sent the pic to me.

I should print this out and staple it to my face.

Oh my glarbl, can I do this?? Can I make this my front door, pleeease??!

Oh okay, and speaking of funny, Lia finally has a blog, here on Tumblr. I don’t get Tumblr, really. And she sticks up her nose at Blogger. Whatever, her page is funny anyway.

I know a while back I said I was going to do some kind of crazy fun thing for my 100th follower party, and I’m still going to! Just working out the difficulties that a dead laptop presents. And I’ve never done anything like this before, so I’m trying not to mess up. I have some ideas and stuff, so it’ll be sooooon

Now I guess I’m going to go do some housework and see if the kids catch on and make me get back on the computer! I’m not supposed to be doing any work today.


17 thoughts on “Happy Funny To Me!

  1. Tell Lia I dig her blog, but she can't diss blogger! *hand over mouth*
    And I am loving these funnies! HEHEHEHE! Hilarious!

    Happy Birthday to you! My hub is not liking the snow out there so much. He's out gathering cows in it and freezing to death. No fun 😦


  2. Happy late birthday to yoooouuu.
    I checked out Lia's blog. The .gif with the cat/pie is hilarious. I am stealing it for my blog. Just FYI.
    Also we have plenty of snow up here in Alaska. Five feet of it at least. Fifteen feet in Cordova. Come and get some.


  3. Happy Birthday, lovely! Yay for snow! We're getting some, too, and I'm like you–I hate it when summer's TOO HOT.

    Hooray for the funnies! Where do you ever find these stuff?! πŸ˜€


  4. Hellooo, what a fab blog! I also need to get that 'should you be writing now?' stapled to my face — instead of writing, here I am, mooching around the internet, finding fun places to visit *lol*

    I have to ask — where on earth do you find the time to write?! 6 kids, 4 cats, dog & bunnies?? I only have 2 boys & 3 cats, but I can procrastinate for England!!


  5. Oh yes. Your pirate ship. You totally wouldn't mind at all if I decided to keep it for myself, would you? πŸ˜‰

    I still haven't sent out that MS! Well, I haven't been to writers' group lately, and I need to fix a couple things before I give my friend the okay to print it–excuses, excuses!


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