Music For Writing: Book Soundtracks!

I always thought the idea of a soundtrack for your WIP was kind of funny, because I usually listen to the same playlist no matter what I’m writing. Then I realized, I actually do unconsciously put together a small soundtrack for each of my WIPs. Usually it’s just a few songs that I end up listening to more than the others in my playlist, that hold some special kind of significance to me while I’m working on a particular project.

I was on a huge Evanescence kick when I was writing The Moongate. Not because I thought the band matched the book, but because Lia had just discovered them, and when she discovers new music, she saturates the house with that music for weeks. (Right now it’s Florence and the Machine that I constantly have stuck in my head thanks to Lia – not that I’m complaining or anything!)

So when I started listening to this song by Evanescence, I was surprised at how well the lyrics match Nissa’s predicament.

And then for a while, I thought this song worked for The Moongate too, but after I’d written the sequel, Blood Moon, I felt it fit that book better.

And with the steampunk Cobalt, I’m enjoying a lot of instrumentals that evoke the feel of flight or old-fashioned sci-fi. Like Vernian Process’ instrumental version of Unhallowed Metropolis:

And, since there’s a strong dark fantasy theme, I think this spooky, atmospheric one from Myst fits:

This is a current favorite. I listened to it over and over again while writing an airship battle scene. You can’t hear it and not feel epic with whatever you’re doing. At one point I just sat there and picked my teeth with this song playing in the background (an unconscious activity when I’m stuck on a sentence, hehe), and it was the most epic tooth-picking I’ve ever done.

Do you listen to music while writing, or do you find it distracting? Do you make playlists for your WIPs?


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