Nerd Adventurers and…Murphy’s Law is Real

I don’t even know how this got started, but suddenly my kids were yelling, “Yay, adventure!” and singing something that went, “Let’s have a nerd adventure, everyone have a nerd adventure, tally-ho!” (Adapted from a silly Steam Powered Giraffe song called Horse Adventure.) I went to check it out and saw them all putting on costume pieces and planning out their special abilities and powers. Then they ran outside and inflicted their insanity upon the neighborhood.

Lia: part fish with gills on her butt, had a magic wand
Eva: elf thief with magical fairy sidekicks
Brian: magic fire hands and map reader
Elijah: had an awesome fire sword, also a potion master
Anya: a dragon with a fire flashlight, had an imagination hat

I never had such fun adventures when I was almost 19!
Instead, I got married and pretended to be responsible. I missed out.

Emily, who is out of town with my husband, edited in some superpowers!

My funny bone is kinda broken at the moment, but check out my post todayΒ on ANWA’s blog for a laugh at my expense. πŸ˜‰ And don’t forget to check back tomorrow – I’m unveiling my Super-Secret Project with Alyssa, and we’re both super-secretly excited about it!


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