Aliens Abducted Me!

…and forced me to work at a craft store! Seriously, my whacked schedule is the real reason I’ve been absent from the blogging and writing world for so long. I’ve put in my notice, because I’m gone more hours than the kids are home, and we all miss each other. Also, the hubby is interviewing for software engineer positions in Boise, where we’ve been trying to relocate for a few years. So *fingers crossed and praying hard* hopefully we’ll be able to start packing soon!

I think I owe everyone a huge backlog of funnies – even if it isn’t Monday.

Totally my reaction whenever anyone says this to me!

Oh gosh, I stumbled across this one in my Facebook notes earlier today. I completely forgot about it! I don’t even fully remember it now. All I know was, it was late, I was rewriting (which kills brain cells any time of the day), and Lia and I degenerated into swapping my laptop back and forth. This could have gone on sooo much longer. Maybe it did…maybe what we wrote wasn’t suited to put online for children and my mom to see!

And now I’m going to wrap up this post because suddenly there was a wasp in the living room and I took my laptop and ran. It’s not comfortable blogging from the kitchen. I promise, soon I’ll be able to get on Blogger more regularly and catch up with all my writing friends I miss so much!

Now I just need to figure out how to avoid going in the living room for the rest of the summer…


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