Lefties and Steampunks (Lefty Steampunks!)

Oh my gosh. The other day my blog showed up as a surprise in Steampunk News, which resulted in sore facial muscles from walking around smiling for over an hour, but then I thought, “My last blog post was just mah funnies, no steampunk in there,” so I figured I’d better scramble and get in some steampunk for their readers who might click on my blog and go, “Why the *beep* was this in there??”

And since it’s Monday, of course it has to be funny! I’ve used up all my funny pictures, and Lia’s slacking on finding me some more, so I scoured the webs this morning and found a few. It’s a mix of steampunk and not. Whatever. But first:

Interesting shiz, right? Especially since I’m a leftie! I wasn’t too happy with some of the stuff here (such as the last one, what the crap), but I liked/agreed with a few. Such as: Half my kids are lefties (my hubby is a rightie); I tested for MENSA and passed, but didn’t wanna join; I despise spiral notebooks, they should all burn; I use the mouse with my right hand (I also shoot a bow right-handed); and yes, I’ve noticed that my boy cat swats me with his left paw. My little leftie kitty!

Now the steampunk stuffs! This is an old one. Sometimes I feel like that, though. Like I’m not doing it right. :B

I apologize for the language in this video’s title; I can’t help that. But the video itself is one big inside joke for steampunks (there’s no bad language in it). I have to post it, because I’m guilty of a lot of these sayings!

On the subject of “just glue some gears to it,” I bought these shiny babies at work because I want to glue them to some stuff and call it steampunk. A lot of steampunks hate that! But I think if it looks like it could be functional in a real steampunk sci-fi world (My time machine/feathered hairpiece doesn’t really transport me back in time?! That is so not steampunk!) and is aesthetically pleasing, glue on those pretty gears, baby!

I made this face after I ripped open the packages and held those lovely cogs for the first time:

Speaking of work, funny story that happened yesterday. I’m working on some downstocking with my manager (dangerous job for clumsy people. I almost fell off one of those big “employee only” movable staircase ladders), and he gets a call over his headset radio that someone needed him at the other end of the store. He says, “On my way. In fact, I’ll skip there!” I watch him walk away, the liar, so I state over my headset, “You’re not skipping!” He then proceeds to skip the rest of the way across the crowded store. I love headset radios!

Also speaking of work, which has taken away all my writing time, I regret to inform all y’all that I have no new progress on Cobalt, which is depressing because I’m only 3 or 4 chapters away from finishing it! But soon I’ll have more writing time. And then my steampunk YA will be unleashed upon the unsuspecting masses!!! Well, upon my beta readers, at least…

And now I’m terribly sorry, my good ladies and gentlemen, but it’s off to work for me…


3 thoughts on “Lefties and Steampunks (Lefty Steampunks!)

  1. Some of those stats were a joke, right? Seriously, who thinks up these studies? And then studies them??
    Esp. that last one. My dad is a leftie. *sniff* I'd like him to be around a bit longer, please.
    LOVE your funnies. As always. Good luck on finishing your latest WIP!!


  2. Interestingly, 1/3 of my sons is a leftie, but my rightie son and his rightie wife have 3/4 (and maybe 4/4) kids who are lefties. What are the odds of that?

    I love your blog, BTW! So glad I found it!


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