Just a Bunch of Random Monday!

Oh hey, it’s Monday again! And I think I missed last Monday’s funny, didn’t I? I apologize and will reward your patience with more funny pictures, since I don’t have the hysterical video edited that I was planning on putting up (more incentive for you to come back next week, isn’t it?).

But first! Head over to Behind the Steam to see what I missed last weekend, on account of my stupid exploding water heater sucking away the travel funds I’d saved up. (I may be exaggerating a bit when I say exploding, but I’m still butthurt I couldn’t go, because I was supposed to co-moderate the music panel with some of my favorite bands! Alyssa got to have all the fun, but there’s always next year.) Speaking of Behind the Steam, we have some really exciting interviews and music reviews lined up, but for now they’re still super secret. I’ll just say they’ll be interesting for steampunk fans and newbies alike. As I cannot state enough, steampunk music appeals to a wide range of audiences. My mom is a huge Abney Park fan! 😀
And now, on to the funnies!
This was me last week:
If superheroes posed like supermodels:
I know! How was he holding the camera??
You have my axe…
This guy has the weirdest mouth.
I prefer this version of The Lion King to the original:
Okay, if you’re still in the mood to watch a funny video, here’s one for you. Olan has so much geeky personality, it just goes screaming out of him. I embarrass my 19-year-old by telling her she’s allowed to date this man (although she doesn’t object).
Now bats don’t bother me, but uninvited creatures in my tent is a big reason I don’t like to go camping without actual walls – not canvas – between me and the wilderness. That, and Shia LaBeouf.
Writing news! Cobalt is being beta-read (as I’m scrambling to finish it) by one of my bff’s, a fellow steampunk and airship aficionado, whose input has been more helpful than I ever dreamed in making this a great young adult steampunk adventure! (If I do say so myself.) Oh, and look at my blog post for today at ANWA’s blog. Because I said so, and also KITTY! 🙂
A final weird Monday thought: It’s the first week of summer vacation, and I’m wrapped up shivering in a blanket, as a chilly wind blows in storm clouds and the air smells like petrichor. And I love it!

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