I Suck Because…

I dropped off the face of the earth for weeks! And stuff has been happening, it’s not like I’ve just been this boring lump the whole time – well, today I have, but I have a reason for that. Broken foot or sprained ankle or something. Whatever.

I mean, I haven’t even been replying to my comments! Bad author. Very bad. I’ll fix that as soon as I’m done posting this. So as for the stuff that’s been happening – I like bullet lists. Bullet lists are cool. I’m going to use one now:

  • I’m not working at Michael’s anymore; we’d thought we were moving to Boise, but that fell through. At any rate, I discovered retail is not my thing, so I’m back at Denny’s, starting tomorrow night. Apparently I’m a great server. 😉 I’m actually pretty excited about it. I miss my old co-workers and my awesome regular customers. I’m just not looking forward to all that walking on a bad foot, even though you’d think I’d be used to my bad feet by now.
  • Speaking of my foot: I was doing Couch to 5K, a beginner’s running program, with Lia. It was awesome. I loved it! And then I did something stupid with my left foot about a week and a half ago, got x-rays that were inconclusive, and every step since then has been agony. But, since I don’t give up (or maybe I just don’t learn), as soon as it’s healed I’m starting back up with the program.
  • Our Behind the Steam blog with my friend Alyssa has been taking off, and we’re busy with interviews and album reviews! More on that later in this post…
  • I’m changing my author name to my maiden name, either Kristin Baker or Kristin Marie Baker. Which means I need to change my blog banner…
  • The full manuscript of The Moongate is on an editor’s desk. *insert Snoopy happy dance here* I know I keep waffling between self-publishing and small presses – I think I gave up on the small presses too soon. All it took was a very kind request for a full to pull me out of that slump. I haven’t even touched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to researching small presses, and I don’t like giving up without fully exploring my options.
Now about Behind the Steam! Oh my glob, we had such an awesome interview last week! The following picture, that’s me just before the Skype interview took off. Yes, this extremely glamorous author and blogger does her band interviews in the bathtub. It’s the comfiest place I can lock myself away from noisy kids when I’m trying to be professional and all (hard to do when half the time I’m being a giggly, nervous fangirl), and the acoustics are good, since my laptop’s mic is pretty crappy.
You guys might know I have this huge fangirl obsession with a little steampunk robot band called Steam Powered Giraffe… That’s right, we interviewed the band’s very own Rabbit (the crazy guy with the pirate hat in the following video), and the podcast is up now on our blog. Also – the girls burst into tears and killed me when they discovered I interviewed Rabbit without telling them. Oops! Well anyway, go check it out right here!

I know a few weeks ago for the Monday funny I promised a hysterical video, but it’s not quite finished yet. There’s one other scene I want to shoot first, to give y’all the full slap-in-the-face effect that is my family at their nuttiest. With my graveyard work schedule this week, I probably won’t get it done on time for this Monday, but I do have some funny pictures saved for the occasion – I’m really going to try to post more regularly. Since the last few funny Mondays were nothing more than a dark void of suckitude on my part, I’ll leave you all with a video that sums up my thoughts on summertime quite perfectly:


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