Whoa. I’m actually POSTING?!

After several weeks of being a non-existent blogger, I would have liked to post something other than more funny pictures for Monday – like maybe Lia punking Cobalt. But these are pretty good anyway!

YES. This is my Oreo!

Oh holy cow. I’m not the only one who cleans like this? Except I have a clean laundry COUCH, not merely a basket…

You don’t even know how much I want this tree in my yard:


The expression on Diane Walker’s face was pretty much my expression when I saw this picture:

Artist: Emmy Cicierega

The first time I saw the “ERMAHGERD” meme, it killed me!

My kids used to look at me like this when they were babies. They still do, actually, but it’s not as cute. I’ll forever regret not getting a picture taken like this. But there’s always grandkids!

And finally. Oh holy cow, this girl’s too funny! But yeah, a few weeks ago I accidentally chewed on a spider egg sac, and this was my reaction!

Source: warrioronlydude

Okay, now that we got the silliness out of the way…I haven’t heard from many of my blogging friends in a while. What’s everyone up to? Any books finished? Started? Other writing milestones, such as requests, rejections, tears of joy, cries of frustration?

I spent the last three nights working graveyard to get re-acquainted at Denny’s. I needed to warm up a little, but in some ways it feels like I’ve never left, even though I haven’t worked there in over two years. The newer servers who didn’t know me from before had a crash-course introduction to my brand of unintentional insanity. I managed to launch a server tray over the food counter into the kitchen, nearly decapitating the cooks (I still don’t know how it happened). I got hot fudge in my hair two nights in a row, despite never making anything with hot fudge in it. I forgot to put the lid on the blender when making a strawberry milkshake and miraculously avoided getting shake on my person (but it got everywhere else)! And surprisingly, my foot held up pretty well (although I was limping like mad the first two nights), so I think it was a sprain rather than a break.

Now on either Wednesday or Thursday, I plan on getting back to the writing topic in my blog. You are all welcome to kick my butt if I drop off the face of the earth again!


8 thoughts on “Whoa. I’m actually POSTING?!

  1. >.> Meh… doing rewrites, meself. I'm three chapters in on the manuscript, so… good tiems. ^-^; it's a bit weird, cobbling in these new details, and I panick – it's like stitching on extra cloth, and the red stitches are so OBVIOUS to me… but I'm hoping it works. The pacing is killer, but it'll probably cool down and look just fine when I'm done with it. >.> Blargh, turning-fanfic-into-original fiction… so many changes… T^T


  2. It can be worth it! You've heard that 50 Shades of Grey was originally Twilight fanfic…Gah, bad Kristin for even bringing that up! (No, I haven't read it nor do I plan to. Ever.) XD


  3. Nnnoooooo!!!! How could you mention THAT book??? *shudder* But glad to hear you aren't planning on reading it; sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who is staying well clear. Even doing weekly grocery shopping isn't safe — umpteen copies laid out just before the fruit/veg; I visibly recoiled!!

    Glad to hear your foot's feeling better and WELL DONE re: The Moongate, super-fab news!!!

    I've just finished reworking 2 of my stories; decided to take a break from accumulating rejections ;o) planning on submitting both the stories for a YA writing competition. Also gradually getting my brain creaking into life to actually, physically write another story, instead of just thinking about it. Take care. xx


  4. Oh no girl, I won't touch 50 Shades with a 50-foot pole. XD Sometimes you just have to take a break from the rejections; I took many! Too much at once hurts the spirit. Good luck on the writing competition!


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