There are Steampunks in Reno!!

No funny last Monday because EVERYONE IS GETTING MARRIED and EVERYONE IS IN TOWN, so I’ve been a busy mama. But I wanted to share a fun thing the kids and I did last Friday. My friend Erica Mulkey (known by her performing name as Unwoman, and she’s playing with Amanda Palmer in San Francisco this week, epic squee!) was in Reno, and she put on a lovely show for the local steampunks. So I dusted off my corset, the kids borrowed some of my clothes, and off we went… There really need to be more of “my people” here to attract more talent like Erica; on the other hand, I kinda like us being a rarity, as the shows are so affordable whenever they do happen to drift this way.

I got a few clips of her playing, although most of it had to be edited out because of my phone camera’s bad sound quality. Oh, look at my little dorks jumping around in the background!

And then we went to Walmart afterward, and a little bit of this happened:

So speaking of Unwoman, Alyssa and I interviewed her a while back on Behind the Steam, in case you missed it…

And speaking of Behind the Steam, we just put up a review for Abney Park’s newest album Ancient World, which is one of the last podcasts with crappy audio (I think we still have one more recorded with our old equipment) since I have a new mic and Alyssa has better recording software. We recently did a really fun (meaning bugshiz insane) interview with an overseas steampunk personality, and another one with one of my favorite bands, and we have a few more scheduled that have me fangirling all over the place!

Listen to two of my favorite songs off Ancient World and you’ll see why I was so excited to review the album!

Oh, what’s that…? I have to go make dinner now? I have to do laundry and clean the house? But I was so happy here! *sigh* Real life calleth. I’m going to be in Boise next week seeing my mom’s new house, so I probably won’t be blogging until I get back. Until then, give mama some comments! Done anything weird lately?


5 thoughts on “There are Steampunks in Reno!!

  1. That looks like SOOOOO much FUN!!! You guys are GORGEOUS 😀 Ooo more Abney Park, loves it! Thanks for sharing.

    We haven't done anything weird, but been to the Natural History Museum this week, which we always enjoy immensely.


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