On Hope and Change

I know I keep promising to stop neglecting my blog…there’s been a very good reason for it. Lack of internet at home, for one thing! Right now I’m at the library – in Boise, a new state for us, a new home. Where we live now is bright, clean, and happy. My friends tell me that I’m stronger than I know, but really…the truly strong ones are my kids. They’re handling a very sudden upheaval with a courage and maturity I could have never imagined they had. I’m so very proud of them.

I’m still reeling from shock, confusion, and sadness, so it would probably come as no surprise to hear me confess that I haven’t had the desire to write in a few months. I’m finally starting to feel that itch again to get the words out of my head, but my schedule’s been so crazy busy that just getting away to grab some wifi is an accomplishment in itself! I’d like to shoot for one blog post a week for now; I’ll have to say goodbye to the Monday Funnies – at least the kind where I collect pictures, because of possible copyright infringement. However, as you all know, Lia is still dead funny and I won’t argue anytime she wants to grab my WIP and “improve” on it. 😉

On the writing topic, I recently got an offer by a publisher for The Moongate; however, I had to turn that offer down for now because all these life changes would make me a very poor first author, and it wouldn’t be fair for the publisher or myself. The acquisitions editor has been very kind and understanding with my decision, and her offer still stands for whenever I’m ready. We’ll see how I’m doing a few months from now. 🙂

But I did just land a job as a writer for a marketing company! Finally, I get paid to write. *high fives all around*

Also, Behind the Steam is alive and well (and I have to thank my co-host Alyssa for being so supportive and patient with all my family and internet issues; in fact, without BtS I think I would have spiraled into an even deeper writing funk. She kept me writing during a time I just wanted to curl up on the couch. I don’t even think she knows how much she’s helped me!). Oh yeah, and we did this crazy thing last weekend with Jody Ellen of Abney Park, her hubby Chris, Nathaniel Johnstone, and Axel Wilkinson, to celebrate Jody’s solo album release! I managed to keep it together despite fangirling all over the place…

Now I want to try out an idea I had the other day when I was looking back through my blog to find an old post. As we’re learning lately, things sure can change quickly in a year’s time. That old blog post wasn’t even a year old, yet so much has changed between now and then. I think I’d like to revisit old posts from the previous year by putting the links (and maybe some personal comments) at the end of my new posts for you to check out – or not, totally up to you. But for me, I think it’ll be an interesting way to see how far we’ve come, how much things have changed, and maybe have a good laugh all over again.

For anyone who’s popping back in to read a blog when you should have lost patience with me long ago and moved on – thank you for sticking with me.

Around this time last year:

Monday Funny: The To-Do List – Must see how Boisians react to craziness. Actually, people are pretty cool here!

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6 thoughts on “On Hope and Change

  1. Hey you! I've missed you. I'm glad that, despite the challenges you and your family had faced the past year, you're still happy and standing strong. Good luck on the new job and the new home! ❤


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