Buy A Moose For Your Mantel

It’s been two months since our move, and today I’m celebrating cable TV and internet at home! I’m also celebrating a new job as a freelance writer for an internet marketing company. I write content and custom articles for their clients. Finally, after writing for over 20 years, I’m able to support my family doing what I love! I work primarily from home, setting my own hours, but for right now I’m still at Denny’s one night a week. Waitressing for over five years has taken a bad toll on my shoulders and wrists, so I needed to severely cut my hours. Getting this writing job has been a miracle, because the pain I had from working three and four nights a week was almost unbearable.

I haven’t posted anything funny in a long time, but Lia helped me with that last night, when I stepped away for a few minutes from an article I was writing on mantelpieces. Because any content I write belongs to the company, I can’t post parts of the actual article – but I will post Lia’s additions. Note: Take her advice at your own risk. And if you do, send pictures! (Just don’t post them on Facebook.)

If your mantel has a chicken on it, you should probably remove it. If your mantel doesn’t have a moose on it, get one. Always wear clothes when decorating your mantel, as you never know where someone has hidden a camera. Don’t post pictures of your mantel on Facebook. That’s annoying.
Fine, I’ll post a picture on my blog instead!

My mantelpiece is a little narrow for a moose, but at least I don’t have a chicken on it. I think I’m good.

I have two more articles on mantels to write, so my fun blogging break is over. I wonder if I should include any tips on where to put those chickens that won’t look good on your mantelpiece?

Change to my blog: The spammers in my comments have been really amusing lately (I got an invitation to a site on getting rid of man-boobs, and I just love the attempts on coherent English), but I think I’m done with spammer fun now. So I’m changing the settings on who can comment on my posts. Let me know if you’re having trouble commenting!

A couple posts from this time last year:

Deadlines Are Great! So Are Parties! – No Halloween party this year, because my mom owns our townhouse and won’t allow it. (Kristin breathes a secret sigh of relief.)

Derpy Mistakes and Horrible Sisters – Funny how I can barely remember things that seemed like huge emergencies a year ago. But seeing those pictures again made me laugh! Emily still does that troll face, and she’s perfected it even more.


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