I Was Missed??

My friend Elizabeth just wrote the sweetest post on her blog griping about my absence in the blogging world lately, so I’m dedicating this post to her. Nothing fancy today, no writing updates, just pure unadulterated silliness.

I think it’s important to instill the love of reading in your children. Even if, in my house, it means reading isn’t necessarily a quiet activity…

The following is a lovely (if lovely is a synonym for brutal) game my daughters play.

Lia really does have scars on her hands from playing “the eraser game” a couple years ago. The rules of this game are simple: You sit there and let the other person vigorously erase the skin off the back of your hand with a pencil eraser while singing the alphabet. Don’t hold me responsible for whatever happens if any of you try it! I didn’t participate. I saw what it did to them!

One more, Emily’s recent foray into class assignment movies (topic: the basilisk for her myths and legends class). As with all their assignment videos, there are bloopers at the end:

I had this really great compilation video of all the girls’ most insane moments, but my video editor crashed when I was almost done saving it and now I’ll have to start all over. It’s worth it, though (as in, pee your pants hilarious), so I’ll start working on it again soon.

Thank you Liz, for making me feel loved and missed! Here’s a big squishy kiss for you.

So until my next post (I’m planning something writing-related), here’s one more thingy that’s freaking awesome:

Oh! And here’s what happened this time last year:

How To Give This Momma a Heart Attack. Also, Some Music and Stuffs – Wow, I’ve come so far in Cobalt. Some cool steampunk music from a cool steampunk game, and Lia really misses her backstage job.

The Good, the Bad, the Funny, and the Freakout – My shoulders are still killing me (guess I should see a doctor?), and I think the fanmade video of The Hunger Games had more emotional depth than the official movie scene. Still looking forward to the next movies, though. 🙂


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