All Work and No Play…

I’ve been a boring person lately. I write for a living, and it’s at home – so I rarely make myself pretty anymore. And often I find myself pulling all-nighters to make a deadline (when the kids or appointments have been keeping me busy during the day) or when it’s close to payday and I want to get in a few more assignments. The result is a crazy ugly lady in Spongebob pajamas who loves her job, but has pretty much forgotten about her fiction dreams. It looks a little like this:

I don’t have an ax, and I won’t get one. 😉

So I put Cobalt on my Nook for Emily to read last week. I thought it would make a good incentive for me to lighten up and do more of what I love – writing the fictions. You see, Emily inherited my tendency to become a raging fangirl of epic proportions when she develops a passion (or an obsession) for something. The following individuals, whether they’re fictional characters or not, should beware. Make sure Emily never finds out where you live.

Now what happened was Emily read Cobalt in two days, knowing that I’m still a few chapters out from being done. I asked her to keep me motivated to finish it. I knew she’d like the story…but I’d forgotten how she can get scary obsessed.
With my WIP cutting off at a cliffhanger chapter ending just before the book’s climax, she kind of freaked out at 4:00 in the morning and woke me up with a tantrum, then took my laptop and made a Facebook fan page for me! I wasn’t expecting that. But look what she did with my blog’s banner! I seriously love it.
Well, now that I have a 14-year-old coming up every time I’m at  the laptop, staring at me with her creepy eyes and asking if I’m writing, I have a really good reason to finish the book! Or else I might be facing this:
I am not even joking.
I know it’s a rare author who has all the time in the world to do only what he or she loves. Do you make writing your first priority, or do you get work done before rewarding yourself with writing?

This time last year:
Oh Never Mind, I Can’t Stay Away, Y’all! – So very much can change in a year! A blessing in disguise has given us the opportunity to reform our broken family stronger and happier than ever. Part of this drawn-out struggle will be over next week, when we go to court. We still have a long road ahead of us to break away completely, but 2013 looks full of hope.

4 thoughts on “All Work and No Play…

  1. Here's to a blessed 2013! You deserve it. And how cool it must be to have your child so enthralled with your work. I think mine see it as a hobby.
    Now to answer the question on writing. I used to see writing as the last thing I did after I got all my “work” done, but I started to get discouraged. So, in 2012 I decided to poo or get off the pot (pretty analogy right?) I started treating it like a must do; set a goal of getting a publishing contract by 2013. I kept feeling bad over my lack of success, but then I realized, I wasn't making it a priority. How could I call myself a loser when I wasn't even trying?


  2. I've been sitting here for an hour getting ready to finish the chapter I'm on, but the stupid internet keeps distracting me. So do homemade brownies. And then I keep saying, I have 5 law blogs to write before Monday morning! I'm going to make fiction more of a priority. I'll always be able to make the non-fiction deadlines, but I need to start setting up fiction deadlines as well. And Emily is getting scary!


  3. Your daughter sounds awesome. That is really cute that she made you a fan page and a cool banner for your blog. I love her style. At least you love your job. There is a lot to be said for that. Have an awesome year. Good luck with court and all that. Try to see it as something to write about later 🙂


  4. Hey girl! I totally have to get back in gear on the blogosphere too. I'm glad you're blogging again! Wahoo! And glad you're writing too! But I promise – no matter what – you will never be dull! You ROCK!


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