When Nerds Go Out On Errands

I love playlists! Well, I could say it’s themed blog playlists I love, because I don’t really make book playlists and there are no organized playlists in my phone, all the music is just crammed in there.

I was thinking the other day as I was driving to the grocery store and I started to slide out of control on the icy road, while one of the following songs was playing on the iPod, that it was freaking epic. Much more than a shopping trip was occurring; the particular soundtrack playing at the time had caused us to cross over into Nerd Adventure territory. (No worries, I didn’t crash, and yes I really was thinking while sliding that it was super epic, and the kids got a lesson on anti-lock brakes while we were at it.)

Anyway, I have a small list of the type of tunes in our music library that can turn the simplest of food runs into Epic Nerd Quests. I really do sit up straighter and drive differently whenever a track from Pirates of the Caribbean comes on. Suddenly my messy mom van becomes a stately pirate ship, navigating the unplowed roads of Boise with ponderous grace. Until I crash into a parking lot snow mountain. But then I just Fus Ro Dah all that dirty snow away!

Any of the following tracks make our routine errands much more fun:

On the subject of playlists and music, over at Behind the Steam we just released our Top 10 Steampunk Songs for the new year! Go check it out. Most of it is epic enough for nerd adventures!
One of the bands featured in the top 10 list is The Cog is Dead, currently my most-obsessed-over steampunk group. They’re releasing their second album soon, and this is one of their catchy new songs:

Do you have any playlists that put you in an adventurous or happy mood? What about playlists for your books or general writing?

This time last year:

The Sims Saga – The kids and I will never forget these “family” stories as long as we live.

Fatty Catty, An Adorable Baby, and An Adorably Weird Husband – One of my old “funny pictures” posts!

P.S. Right now I’m seriously procrastinating on 13 law blogs and 10 landing pages…


10 thoughts on “When Nerds Go Out On Errands

  1. Like I need more proof of your amazing-ness; if I was in a near-collision I'd be a gibbering mess!!

    Ah, 'Pirates' – how can you go wrong?? I LOVE that soundtrack. Weirdly, my boys & me seem to listen to a lot of Japanese rock (!) even though there's nothing remotely Japanese about us! But they are into a lot of anime & manga.

    When I'm writing, I can't listen to anything with lyrics, I get distracted *lol* Classical music is the only thing that really seems to fire up the muse, especially Brahms (talk about fussy!)


  2. 1st glad you lived to tell us!
    2nd i love steampunk & pirates and their music is awesome! but no, no organized playlists, just a mix, but i jam when i grocery shop & live the looks i get lip syncing!


  3. My girls are really into K-Pop, so I've heard my share of that and also Japanese rock. It can be fun!

    For the most part I'm with you when it comes to listening to music while writing. Usually it's distracting, although there are rare times when I get so involved in creating that the music becomes just pleasant background noise. I've found that it's far more distracting when I'm writing non-fiction, for some silly reason.


  4. I was totally jamming out to Steam Powered Giraffe's “Brass Goggles” in the car a few weeks ago, and getting really strange looks. People in Boise are not used to steampunks. I'm a shy person normally, but I love freaking people out sometimes. >:)


  5. Glad you're okay. 😉 Sometimes I feel like my life is an Epic Nerd Quest. And I really should have music going on in the background all the time. Stuff that reminds me off all the nerd things I like.


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